Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clarion of Quietude

Photo taken early 1990's in the early spring (hence the partially shed out look). Dave Algranti, up. That is an Ortho Flex saddle which I hated because of where it put your legs. Clarion was foaled May 1980, sired by Criterion & out of Dolly Ashmore. He is still hale & hearty at nearly age 29 now. Because of strong Santa Ana winds this morning, I was moving the horses to the barn. Clarion pranced and danced all the way there but never pulled on the lead.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is Mikk's Gay Glady 026023 [Gay Commander x Flit], with Bob Riley at Juneacres Morgan Farm, Solon, Iowa.
Glady was our foundation mare. She was 14.2h, approx. 900 lbs. She was shown park saddle & driving, & trail ridden. We purchased her when she was 15, in 1989, & owned her until her death. She was the dam of 8 registered Morgan foals (Juneacres Elvira, Juneacres Cagney, Juneacres Casey, Juneacres Caitlin, Robert A. Heinlein, Andre Norton, Manly Wade Wellman & Jack Finney) & 1 registered Morab (RCF Cimmaron). She was a babysitter at home, but spirited & high-stepping in the ring. She was an incredible mare.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Gay Tribute

Here is our first Morgan, Gay Tribute 28853 [Gay Commander x Jaklin], with my daughter Meg. I took this picture in October 1981. Trib is 6 years old. He was 14.1h & 850 lbs. Meg showed him saddleseat, hunt seat on the flat & over fences, western, dressage & driving. She trail rode him & did parades. He was the second Morgan in Minnesota to win a bronze medallion in open showing, & Meg earned an AMHI scholarship with his help. We purchased him that April, & owned him until his death in September 1997. He got us into Morgans, and every Morgan we've owned since is descended from his half-sister, Mikk's Gay Glady 026023 [Gay Commander x Flit], whom we purchased because we wanted more Morgans like Trib.

Marsha Valance
Milwaukee, WI

Sunday, January 25, 2009


This blog will be for photos of Old Morgans. It came from the name I use to comment on Fugly Horse of the Day and other blogs--OldMorgans. I made that name because I bred the Old Type Morgan horse and because four of my current eight horses are old--coming 29 years, 26 years, 25 years and 21 years.
On this blog I will post photos I have of Morgans long gone and also photos of my own older Morgans.
Visitors are welcome to send me photos of their own older Morgans and historical photos. Do send some information along with the photos--horse's name at the very least. Other information such as birth year, color, gender, age photo was taken are good too. Other information is also welcome and will be used in the post.
I make no promise as to when submissions will be posted. That depends on my time. I will reply to each email in which a submission has been sent. See side bar for my email addy.
Please make the photos a reasonable size and compressed. Anything that takes more then one minute to download will not be attempted.
Let's have fun.