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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Frieda Waer 10-97 TMH

Frieda with Lana & her foal, Rex's Major Monte

 The sire of Monte L was bred by Elmer Brown, Kansas. Brown was one of the cornerstone breeders of the Western Working Family. Note that the dam of Monte L was pure Brunk breeding.

Ruthven's Kathryn Ann was sired by Lippitt Moro Ash, one of the excellent Ruthven mares who were such excellent producers.

While Lana was bred by the Government Farm, her maternal granddam was the Brunk bred Florette, sired by Allen King ( who also appears behind Monte L) and out of Florence Chandler who was sired by the great Knox Morgan, and out of Morgan Rupert, who was pure Old Vermont lines which were the same as behind the Lippitts.

Gontola's dam had that great producing mare, Liza Jane behind her, as well as another great producing mare, Sentola.

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