Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Choice Master 7810

(Querido x Hemala)
Bred by Roland Hill. Had few progeny but comes down today thru his daughter, Choice Mistress, who is found, among other places, behind Kennebec prefix Morgans.

Canfield 7788

(Bennington x Artemisia)

Buglett 8686

(Delbert x Montana Bird)
Bred by J. C. Jackson, MT. Had a few progeny.

Blackman 8622

(Redman x Gojea)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ben Gates 7935

(Eprus x Kitty Kat)
Bred in California. Had a few progeny, but nothing that bred on.

Bar S Don 7950

(Hawk Jim x Spry--Dude Hudson x Donbelle)

Bred in Kansas of Kansas lines. His sire was by the Government Farm Linsley who was in Kansas as Remount. His dam was by the Old Midwest stallion Dude Hudson out of Donbelle, of Old Vermont lines. He had only one registered progeny who had no registered progeny.

Ashbrook 7079

(Croydon Prince x Nancy by Ethan Allen 3rd)

Cornerstone of the Lippitts. Robert L. Knight started with two stallions, Ashbrook and Moro. Moro was the fiery one and Ashbrook was the one with more equable temperament.

Archie O 7856

(Archy Hudson x Byrrh--Handy Allen 6426 x Bay by Allen Morgen 1577)

Popular sire with many progeny. His breeding is all long time Iowa lines mostly to Black Hawk with Morgans that went to Iowa early in Morgan history.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Registry Volume 6

Starting with today's posts, the photos will be from Registry Volume 6. This volume covers Morgans foaled from 1936 thru 1946, although the photos may include horses foaled before this one.
I am not cropping the photos at all. I often enjoy seeing the background and the people in these historical photos and hope some others will also.
For some of the Morgans pictured in this volume, there are no other known photos of them. For some, there are other photos, but the more different photos seen, the better one can know these horses.
My registry volume is an original printing. I bought it well used and have added to that use.
As so few people have these old volumes, for most, these photos have never been seen previously.

Anthony Eden 8260

(Rosco Morgan x Jane Abbey)
Had many progeny. May have some descendants today.

Anndy's Sky Boy 8839

(Anndy Pershing x Dollygirl)

He had two registered progeny who did not breed.

Allen's Seneca Chief 8303

(Cornwallis x Hepatica)
Prolific sire, including sire of Colonel's Boy (sire at Chillocco School in Oklahoma) and Dygert's King.
His full brother, Pecos, was the more famous one.

Allen's Indian Boy x8184

(Cornwallis x Betsy Ross [unreg] by Sir Ethan Allen)
This x-registered Morgan is an example of the reason for the original reason for the x rule. It was to bring back to the breed Morgans who had slipped away. The dam of this horse was bred by W. L. Orcutt of Mass. Her dam was a chestnut mare, owned by another Orcutt in Vermont and she was said to be by an American Saddle Horse. The Orcutts were multiple generation Morgan breeders.
This horse had no registered progeny.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ken Carmen 7815

(Jubilee King x Heroda, by Allen King)
Note that Allen King is full brother to Jubilee King's sire, Penrod. This is another example of how masterful in the dance of inbreeding J. C. Brunk was.

Bret Allen 9642

(Blackman x Bettina Allen)

Easter Twilight 10414

(Lippitt Sam Twilight x Conniedale)

Charrita 06466

(Sonfield x Roseta Mala) bred by Roland Hill

Friday, June 26, 2009

Townshend West River 8418

(Sealect x Gladloss)

Mansphyllis & Junestar

Orcland Leader 9038

(Ulendon x Vigilda Burkland)
A very popular and prolific sire.

Orcland Victoria 06659

(Ulendon x Vigella)
Vigella was by Vigilant (Welcome x Lusille) and out of Sirenelle (Sire Ethan Allen x Lucinne)

Minn. Morgans

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Symphonee 07545

(Panfield x Inez)

Quakerlady 06879

(Mentor x Willys)

Upwey King Benn 8246

(Upwey King Peavine [Saddlebred] x Audrey)

Upwey Ben Don & Upwey Casablanca

Ben Don --(Upwey King Benn x Quietude)
Casablanca--(Upwey King Benn x Cassandra)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flicka Hawk 06804

(Roubidoux x Kitty Hawk)

Shady Lawn's Mister 10146

(Plains King x Gadabbott)

Star Baby 06922

(Plains King x Cyclamen)

Springbrook Sam 9567

(Justa x Soneta)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gipsey-Allen 9810

This horse was gelded, but he has an interesting pedigree.
His sire was Gypsey Prince 8319 by Gypsey King. King had many offspring in the Mid-Atlantic area. His sire was Kenney's Morgan 4982 by Knox Morgan. This was a different line to Knox then what usually comes down to today. Gypsey King was out of Gipsey Queen 0870 by Rocket 203, a grandson of Sherman Morgan.
Gypsey Prince's dam, Nunda, was by Scotland 6000 who was by General Gates and out of Highland Mary by Lambert Chief 1489. Scotland is not often found today.
The dam of Gipsey-Allen was Althea 04595 by Allen H by Ethan Allen 3rd and out of Black Bess by Governor Fisk by Flying Morril. Althea's dam Agatha was by Croydon Prince and out of Artemisia. This line to Artemisia was from her time before she went to the Government Farm.

Sadly, most of this above blood is gone. Back in the 1990's I would see an occasional pedigree with Gypsey Prince, but it was rare. In the middle of last century, there were still Morgans around with different and rare old lines. It is pretty much gone now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sun Rex Morgan 9398

(Sun Down Morgan x Carmel Snow)

He had only 3 foals, but two of those were Pineland prefix mares that went on to establish a strong line.

Star Baby06922

Townshend Morgans

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jubilee Joy 05767 & Mickey Finn 10387

Jubilee Joy (Flyhawk x Sentola--full sister to Jubilee King)
Mickey Finn, by King Mick 8508.
King Mick was by McAllister (Jubilee King x Mrs. Lewis)
Mrs. Lewis had a most interesting pedigree and was dam of many good ones. Her sire was Chas. Reade 3953, he by Woodworth's Ethan Allen 1573. Her dam was Bess Franklin.
King Mick was out of Jeanne, she by Knox Reade and out of Jean Ann who was by Sentiment sired by Major Reade. This gave King Mick 3 crosses to Chas. Reade.
Sadly, there is very little of this blood today.

Ashbrook 7079

Easter Twilight 10414

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mentor & get

Stellar, out of Naiad
Riviera, out of Naiad

Mentor 8627

(Goldfield x Fairytop)

Riviera 07230

Mentor x Naiad)

Upwey Casablanca 06156

Sire--Upwey King Benn (x Upwey King Peavine, ASB)
Dam--Upwey Cassandra, registered as Cassandra,sired by Mansfield and out of Daisy, by Troubadour of Willowmoor. Dam was Queen, by an Arabian and out of Mare by Denning Allen 74.

Townshend Morgans

Thursday, June 18, 2009

October 1950 TMH

Today's posts are all from an ad by Broadwall Farm.
Parade became a noted sire.
Mansphyllis, out of that Blue Hen mare Paragraph, went on to have other good foals.
June Star, by the great Brunk stallion, Squire Burger, also became a noted broodmare.