Thursday, September 29, 2016

Linsley 7-85 TMH

The importance of this stallion cannot be overstated. While he is far back in today's pedigrees, he is to be treasured in a pedigree, especially when he is there multiple times. 

The author had the wrong sire for Donbelle. Donbelle 02968 was sired by Donald 5224, of pure Old Vermont blood. He was by Bob Morgan 4549, by Ethan Allen 2nd 406, dam by Humphrey's Green Mountain 493, 2nd dam by Black Morgan 810. Donald's dam was by Ethan Allen 3rd 3987, 2nd dam by Green Mountain 493, 3rd dam by Comet 682, 4th dam by Royal Morgan 11, 5th dam by Batchelder Horse 17. Lippitt folks will recognize these Morgans as the same ones as behind the Lippitts.