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Waer's Red Hornet TMH 3-66

(Rex's Major Monte x Gontola)
1953 stallion

Waer's Trabuco Duke TMH 3-66

(Hedlite's Mickey Waer x Waer's Mona Lisa)
1963 stallion

Harold Roberts TMH 3-66

(Blackman x Dorothy Abbey)
1949 stallion
good sire

Sunnyvale Valentino TMH 3-66

(Sonfield x Trinango's Abbenette)
1963 stallion
sired a few

Danny Mc Dougal TMH 3-66

(Redman's Bay Boy x Siskiyou Butter Fly)
1963 stallion
sire of one registered foal

Chanticleer TMH 3-66

(Sunbuster x Baby Doe)
1964 colt
photo as a yearling

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aaron Jay TMH 3-66

(Condo x Fruita)
1959 stallion
another of the good Morgans bred by the Mosher Bros. of Utah. He became a good sire in New Mexico.

King's Top Man TMH 3-66

(Cinnaman King x Illawana Joy)
1960 stallion

Mar-Lo's Ben Hur TMH 3-66

(Mickey Finn x Verran's Lassie)
1960 stallion

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Whippoorwill Duke TMH 3-66

Notice that his sire, Squire Burger, was a double grandson of the great producing mare, Liza Jane. She was dam of many excellent breeding Morgans, both sires & dams.

Duke sired many excellent Morgans and was foundation for Whippoorwill Morgans.

Green Dream Figure TMH 3-66

(Orcland Dondarling x Deerfield Lady Oakland)
1962 stallion

Manito TMH 3-66

(Lippitt Mandate x Vixen)
1949 stallion

Easter Twilight TMH 3-66

(Lippitt Sam Twilight x Conniedale)
1950 stallion
good sire
as was usual for those times, he was kept hog-fat.

The Replica O TMH 3-66

(Archie O. x Rhythm Lovely Lady)
1960 stallion

Monday, August 25, 2014

Arana Field TMH 3-66

1960 stallion
noted sire in Pacific Northwest

Foxfire's Blaze TMH 3-66

(Foxfire x Nugget's Pride)
1960 stallion
sired a few before being gelded in 1961 {That doesn't seem right?? I dispute the gelding date in the Registry Volume.}

Cingo TMH 3-66

a not-so-good photo, she is standing downhill some.
1959 mare
good dam

A. A. Bobwhite TMH 3-66

(Orcland Vigildon x Cathy Serenity)
1961 stallion

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dybery Robin TMH 3-66

(Lippitt George x Lippitt Miss Nekomia)
1955 stallion
This good sire went under saddle, pulled carriages, and pulled plows among his many feats.

Independence Jubilee TMH 3-66

(Ethan's Jubilee x Irma Bird)
1949 stallion
There are very few photos of this good sire.

Hickory Flight Hawk TMH 3-66

(Devan Hawk x Pineland Flight)
1960 stallion
 sire in Georgia

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