Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jubilee Jazz TMH 11-68

(Eco Jubilo x Bonnie Heather)
1967 colt, show here as yearling, owned by Joanne Overstreet (now Curtis)
good sire

Wingo TMH 11-68

(Flying Jubilee x Cynthia)
1960 mare, bred by Mel Frandsen, UT
good dam

Bill Bailey TMH 11-68

(Sanborn x Ecstasy)
1961 stallion, bred by L U Sheep Co. WY
good sire

Linsley Suzibelle TMH 11-68

(Rex Linsley x Sundo)
1964 mare

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bonnie Heather TMH 11-68

on the left--(Red Vermont x Heather Angle Field)
1958 mare
good dam
shown here winning 1st in Dam & Produce, produce not named in photo

Spenmay Society Don TMH 11-68

(Orcland Dondarling x Double J. Society Miss)
1965 stallion

Great Hill Atlantic TMH 11-68

(Gladgay's Pride x Bar-T Diamond)
1962 stallion

Reed's Gallant Rose TMH 11-68

(Gallant King x Conelda)
1962 mare

Big Bend Top Joy TMH 11-68

(Windcrest Play Boy x Sage Queen)
1963 mare

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heritage Ethan TMH 11-68

(Dyberry Ethan x Lippitt Tilly)
1959 gelding
He was one of the Morgans used to play Figure in the Disney Movie, Justin Morgan Had a Horse

U. C. Pantana TMH 11-68

(Panfield x Sentana)
1955 mare
good dam

Crislan Bold Thunder TMH 11-68

(Orcland Bold Victory x Mon Heir Rozell)
1966 colt

Oak Hills Merry Jo TMH 11-68

(Green Hill's Devtone x Macanjo's Merrylegs)
1963 mare

Monday, November 24, 2014

Anneigh Dancing Doll TMH 11-68

(Dyberry Bob x Marigold)
1960 mare

Oakwood's Charm TMH 11-68

(Saracen x Bar-T Twinkle)
1964 mare

Trophy's Emerald TMH 11-68

(Trophy x Ruthven's Nancy Ann)
1961 mare

Tuscola Rose TMH 11-68

(Westcrest Silver x Westcrest Beauty)
1966 filly

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Justin Morgan Performance Class TMH 11-68

The cover of the Nov. 1968 magazine. While there are still Morgans today that can do this & do it well, you won't be finding this at shows anymore. Which is sad.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Springbrook Mansfield TMH 12-57

(Quizkid x Springbrook Linda Lee [Justa x Soneta])
1954 stallion
good sire

Libby Ashmore TMH 12-57

(Lippitt Ashmore x Spring Darling)
1956 filly
good dam

Great Hawk TMH 12-57

(Hawk Jim x Dimity)
1945 stallion, bred by Merle D. Evans, Devan Morgans OH
sired a few

OCR TMH 12-57

(Captor x Roz)
1941 stallion, bred by Merle D. Evans, Devan Morgans, Ohio
prolific sire

Gayla TMH 12-57

(Duke B.K. [Senator Graham x Mallow] x Highland Firefly [Flyhawk x Highland Lady])
1952 mare
owned by Tas-Tee Morgan Farm, Ohio
noted dam

Friday, November 21, 2014

April Showers TMH 12-57

(Squire Burger x Easter Maid)
1945 mare
prolific dam

Merry Lark TMH 12-57

(Townshend Manwallis x April Showers)
1955 filly

Deerfield Lady Oakland TMH 12-57

(Oakland x Lady Field)
1948 mare, dam

Whippoorwill Duke TMH 12-57

(Squire Burger x Diana-Mansfield)
1952 stallion
noted sire

Orcland Selba TMH 12-57

(Gaylad x Ulyselba)
1944 mare
colt is Monadnock Samson, by Supersam

Bald Mt. Princess Ann & Rosalee TMH 12-57

Princess Ann (Hilltop Prince x Upwey Anna), 1951 mare, dam, Old Vermont & Gov't
Rosalee (Magellan x Fairytop), 1947 mare, dam, Gov't

1957 Maine Trail Ride TMH 12-57

Left to right:
Archie J. (Archie O. x Pearl De Jarnette), 1947 gelding
Sunday News (Archie O. x O'Linda [these were 1/2 sibblings]), 1950 mare, ridden by Margaret Gardiner
Springfield Flameson (Springfield x Mountain Flame), 1947 gelding
Meadowbrook Fashion (Hudson x Leah), 1954 mare
Ebony Girl (Senator Graham x Birdseye) 1949 mare

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Orcland "Ike" TMH 12-57

(Ulendon x Townshend Sealselia)
1953 gelding

Orcland Vigellant TMH 12-57

(Ulendon x Vigella)
1947 gelding
had a few foals before gelding

Monadnock Selbalina TMH 12-57

(Supersam x Orcland Selba)
1955 mare

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunny Sky and Trinango TMH 12-57

Sunny Sky--(Blackman x Sunical-Dot), 1949 gelding, bred by E W Roberts, Hi Pass, San Diego County CA, WWF
Trinango--(Congo x Triann), 1948 stallion, noted sire--Brunk bred

Red Bess TMH 12-57

(Redman x Bessie Sonfield)
1945 mare, bred by Warren J Halliday, Etna CA
noted dam
on left is her 2 yr old filly, Keyston's Dainty Bess
on right is her 1957 foal, Keystone's Lillibet
shown here winning the Produce of Dam class at the 3rd PNW All Morgan Show, 1957

Silver Blossom TMH 12-57

(Silver Rockwood x Orange Blossom)
1953 mare. bred by J C Jackson, MT

Pomula TMH 12-57

(Pomulus x Etna)
1951 mare
had 3 foals

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Keystone TMH 12-57

(Pomulus x Redlass)
1950 stallion
noted sire in Pacific Northwest

Skagit Ee'na TMH 12-57

(Dapper Dan x Lucey B)
1954 filly

Suntress TMH 12-57

(Sun Dust x Oratress)
1953 mare
no produce

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ulendon TMH 12-57

(Ulysses x Allenda)
1933 stallion, noted sire
shown at 24 yrs of age

Orcland Vigildon and Vigilendon TMH 12-57

Orcland Vigildon--(Ulendon x Vigilda Burkland), 1947 stallion, noted sire
Vigilendon--(Ulendon x Vigilda Burkland) 1952 stallion

Orcland Gayman TMH 12-57

(Ulendon x Orcland Gay-Lass)
1954 colt
had one registered get

Orcland Walinda TMH 12-57

(Ulendon x Lippitt Wally Moro)
1954 filly

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Townshend Sealectman TMH 11-57

(Sealect x Gladloss)
1940 gelding

Gay Dancer TMH 12-57

(Havolyn Dancer x Deerfield Leading Lady--Orcland Leader x Lady Field)
1953 stallion

Deerfield Challenger TMH 12-57

(Orcland Leader x Lady Field)
1950 stallion

Amy Allen TMH 12-57

(Orcland Leader x Orcutt Fannie Allen)
1955 filly

Vigilmay TMH 12-57

(Orcland Vigildon x Mayphil)
1956 filly
full sister to Vigilmarch

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lippitt Betty Ash TMH 11-57

(Ashbrook x Lippitt Trixie)
1931 mare with her 24 hour old foal