Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SSM Dream Fire & SSM Dream Singer

Dreamer--(Ember Ethan Dandy x Ember Serene) 7/8th Lippitt foaled 1983. photo 1995
Dream Singer--(Clarion of Quietude x SSM Dream Fire)foaled 1995

I still have Dreamer, at age 29 now. And she is still beautiful.

SSM Zebulon Bulrush

(Clarion of Quietude x Ember Serene) foaled 1990, photo taken 1996

SSM Navarre Bulrush

(Quietude Westward x SSM Dream Fire) 15/16th Lippitt foaled 1991. Photo taken summer 1992.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Welmore Zorro TMH 12-72

(Baccamanto x UC Pantana)

This horse was still showing when I started in Morgans in 1979. At that time, he was being shown only roadster to cart--and he was very good at it. He was stylish and he was fast--really fast. His sire was pure WWF and his dam was out of a Brunk mare. I had a daughter of his for a short while. I could not get her in foal so sold her to a young woman, who did get her in foal and had a nice colt from her. Sometimes it just works out that way.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jaunty William TMH 12-72

(UNH Vickelect x Illawana Satin)
Looking at the position of the legs, one has to wonder, just what is this mystery gait? But I saw this horse many times when he was much older and I never saw anything other then a true trot. I am guessing that hind leg is dragging behind because in this photo he is only 3 yrs, being pushed for height of front legs & the rider is not helping him at all (can he post any higher?).
I had interest in this horse because I knew his dam, Satin, who was one of the last pure bred Brunk horses around. She died at age 29. She was typical of the Illawana horses and had a very correct, working conformation body, but was rather plain over-all. She also was very long from eye to nose which she did pass on faithfully. Jaunty William had that head. It does not show much in this photo. He passed it along to his few get.
I had a granddaughter of Satin's whose head was not as long as Satin's, but was still long. All four of her foals had her head. That was one strong trait!

Amberosy TMH 12-72

(Amber Sun x Roselynne)

Tamhattah Trokate TMH 12-72

(Trophy x Katy Troubadour)