Monday, December 29, 2014

Lippitt Morman TMH 3-53

(Mansfield x Lippitt Kate Moro)
1939 stallion
from the cover of the Stallion Issue, TMH
with owner Merle Little, CA
noted sire & competition horse

Senorita Morgan TMH 3-53

(Sun Down Morgan x Betty Joaquin)
1944 mare
dam of 4 foals.
Shown with Merle Little, CA., and Lippitt Morman

Friday, December 26, 2014

Moraine TMH 2-53

(Plains King x Shasta)
1943 mare, bred by L U Sheep Co. WY
good producer

Sonfield TMH 2-53

(Mansfield x Quietude)
1935 stallion
ridden by Jean Hill Borrelli.
prolific sire in California, later in Washington

Jubilee Joy and Foxfire TMH 2-53

Jubilee Joy--(Flyhawk x Sentola)
1941 mare, good dam
Foxfire--(Bonfire x Jubilee Joy)
1951 colt, sire of many

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sunflower Justmaur TMH 2-53

(Sunflower Prince x Maurcena L.)
had no foals
bred by South Dakota State College, SD

Mickey Finn TMH 2-53

shown here as a yearling
(King Mick x Jubilee Joy)
1950 colt
good sire

Ruthven's Rosilita Ann TMH 2-53

(Lippitt Moro Ash x Rosilee)
1948 mare
good dam

Lippitt Mandate and Ruthven's Nancy Ann TMH 2-53

Mandate--(Mansfield x Lippitt Kate Moro)
1940 stallion, noted sire & versatile show horse

Nancy Ann--(Lippitt Moro Ash x Ruthven's Beatrice Ann)
1947 mare, good dam.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Parade TMH 2-53

(Cornwallis x Mansphyllis)
1948 stallion
noted sire

Mansphyllis TMH 2-53

(Mansfield x Paragraph)
1943 mare
noted dam, out of a noted dam.

Lippitt Ethan Ash TMH 2-53

(Ashbrook x Trilby)
1928 stallion
25 yrs in this photo.
noted sire of Lippitts

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Celeste Marea 2-53

(Jubilee's Courage x Delight Marea)
Delight Marea--(Sealect x Lucy by Troubadour of Willowmoor)
1948 mare, bred by Francis Bryant, VT
no foals

Joan D. TMH 2-53

(Berry's Billy x Polly D.)
Berry's Billy--(Allenwood x Berry's Bess--[Cecil I 6034 x Belle by Trefren Horse 3973. Belle out of Daisy x Houghton's Beauty 3969]
Polly D.--(Sir Ethan Allen x Betty D.) Betty D.--(Bob B. 5282 x Lyndon Girl 03999)
Joan D. carried some most interesting Old Vermont lines.
Sadly, she had no foals of her own.
Born 1944, VT.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ruthven's Polly Ann TMH 1-53

(Rajah x Albena)
Rajah--(Mansfield x Viola)
Albena--(Allen H. x bell Fellows)- pure Old Vermont breeding
1929 mare
good dam
dam of Verran's Laddie, shown previously

Verran's Laddie TMH 1-53

(Lippitt Moro Ash x Ruthven's Polly Ann)
1944 stallion

Ruthven's Nancyf Ann TMH 1-53

(Lippitt Moro Ash x Ruthven's Beatrice Ann, by Cornwallis)
1947 mare, bred by Alexander Ruthven, MI
good dam & show horse

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Flyhawk's Black Star TMH 12-68

(Flyhawk x Allan's Star)
1953 stallion, bred by Stuart Hazard, KS
good sire

Oh-Cee's Gift TMH 12-68

Royalton Twilight TMH 12-68

(Knickerbocker x Lippitt Twilight)
1948 mare
noted dam

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Orlaine's Fantasis TMH 12-68

(Ro Mac x Ida Red)
1965 mare

Aranamation TMH 12-68

(Arana Field x Sonoma's Serenade)
1966 colt
I wonder if that is a club foot, left front, or if he has his toe stabbed into the dirt?

Prince Cobra TMH 12-68

(Chief Cobra x Lizza)
1960 stallion

Monday, December 15, 2014

Merrinita Ash TMH 12-68

(Lippitt Rob Roy x April Showers)
1956 mare
had one foal

Bald Mt. Ira Hawk TMH 12-68

(Easter Twilight x Dottie Irene)
1961 stallion

Royalton May Darling TMH 12-68

(Royalton Bob Woodstock x Royalton Justine Darling)
1964 mare

Bill Bailey TMH 12-68

(Sanborn x Ecstasy)
1961 stallion, bred by L U Sheep Co. WY
good sire

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Towne-Ary Minuet TMH 12-68

(Trilbrook Joel x Towne-Ayr Rondo--[Lippitt Rob Roy x Lusealect])
1964 mare
shown by junior riders, did well

Saturday, December 13, 2014

High Pastures Beth TMH 12-68

(Dyberry Buddy x Royalton Hepsibeth)
1962 mare

Lippitt Knight Vicry TMH 12-68

(Lippitt Moro Alert x Lippitt Victoria)
1962 stallion

Lou-Pat Victory TMH 12-68

(Lippitt Knight Vicry x High Pastures Beth)
1968 colt, shown at 3 months

Squire Spar TMH 12-68

(Lee Spar x Klitso Spar)
parents were 1/2 sibblings
1962 gelding

Friday, December 12, 2014

Crislan Bold Thunder TMH 12-68

(Orcland Bold Victory x Mon Heir Rozell)
1966 colt

Crisland Bold Knight TMH 12-68

(Orcland Bold Victory x Hulla Girl)
1965 stallion
sire in Oregon

Funquest King Offancy TMH 11-68

(Funquest Benmore x Flyhawk's Fancy)
1965 stallion

His Royal Nibs TMH 11-68

sired a few

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Whippoorwill Duke TMH 11-68

(Squire Burger x Diana-Mansfield)
1952 stallion

Whippoorwill Telstar TMH 11-68

(Whippoorwill Duke x Merry Bellstar)
1965 colt

Suncrest Alor TMH 11-68

(Woodland Chief x Scarlett O'Hara)
1957 stallion

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Royalton Noelle Ash TMH 11-68

(Royalton Ashbrook Darling x Elnora)
1963 mare with her 1968 foal by Ethan Twilight

Funquest Patchita TMH 11-68

(Linsley Lee x Black Patch)
1961 mare
dam & competition horse

Wingo TMH 11-68

(Flying Jubilee x Cynthia)
1960 mare, bred by Mel Frandsen, UT
good dam
also winning show horse In-Hand & West. Pleasure

Monday, December 8, 2014

Funquest Falcon TMH 11-68

(The Brown Falcon x Dot S Bell Ann)
1959 stallion
He certainly was fat in this photo.

Funquest Broby TMH 11-68

(The Brown Falcon x Bobbie Jean)
1965 gelding

King Querido TMH 11-68

(Funquest Benmore x Funquest Lady Brown)
1966, bred by Stuart Hazard, Kansas

Sally de Jarnette TMH 11-68

(Warhawk x June De Jarnette)
1961 mare, bred in Iowa
dam for Pendleton Farms, IL

Star Dee TMH 11-68

(Starfield x Dee Dee Chocolate)
1961 mare, bred in WY
dam for Pendleton Farms, IL