Saturday, March 7, 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Trophy TMH 3-53

sire of many

Tutor TMH 3-53

sire of multitudes, first in the east, then in the west

U. S. Menmar TMH 3-53

sire of multitudes, first in the east, then in the west

Stanfield TMH 3-53

sire of many

Morgan Stallions TMH 3-53

Another ad page from March 1953

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Congo TMH 3-53

(Tarron x Black Dee)
1940 stallion
noted sire
One of my favorite stallions in the breed. He had a wonderful hind end & balance overall.

Quizkid TMH 3-53

(Ulysses x Glady)
1946 stallion, of mostly the Old Vermont lines
noted sire

Blackman TMH 3-53

(Redman x Gojea)
1942 stallion
noted sire

Lippitt Mandate TMH 3-53

(Mansfield x Lippitt Kate Moro)
1940 stallion
noted sire

1953 stallions

No photos with these ads, but they are of historical interest.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Haven TMH 3-53

(Delmont x Topaz)
1937 stallion, bred by U S Ag, VT

Orcland Leader TMH 3-53

(Ulendon x Vigilda Burkland)
1944 stallion, bred by W L Orcutt, MA
noted sire
Winner of Model Stallion, Saddle Horse, Parade & Combination classes

Jubilee's Courage TMH 3-53

(Jubilee King x Townshend Lass)
1944 stallion, bred by Frances Bryant, VT

King Captor TMh 3-5

(Captor x Tippy Tin)
1946 stallion, bred by Merle C. Evans, OH

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Frolic TMH 3-53

(Springfield x Townshend Lass)
1948 gelding, Bred by Frances Bryant

Squire Skimp TMH 3-53

(Congo x May Burger)
1947 stallion, bred by Joseph R Brunk , sire

Sunday, March 1, 2015

GNR Lassiter

His 1/2 brother, GNR Destry, at 13 yrs.

 GNR Lassiter (Petalbrook Sigmalect x Triton Roseanne), shown here at age 30, last summer. He has always been full of go.

Shown here at age 21, in Yosemite.

Photos sent by owner Robin Ralston. He is the last living offspring of Petalbrook Sigmalect.