Saturday, August 24, 2019

Little Hawk 3/63 TMH

Had many get, many bred on.

Red Pepper 3/63 TMH

bred by Winstowe, Inc. VT
had 26 get, some bred on

Rocky Bon 3/63 TMH

bred in Illinois
had many get

(Bonfire x Pikaki)
Bonfire--(Senator Graham x Luscious) 1946, bred by L. U. Sheep Co. WY sire of 12.
Pikaki--(Highview King x Targhee) 1945, bred by L. U. Sheep Co. WY, had 3 foals.

Hylee's Top Brass 3/63 TMH

had many get, some bred on

(Max Hi-Ho Kid x Dolly Mae)

Max Hi-Ho Kid--(Quizkid x Hyray) 1952, had many get, many bred on.
Hyray--(Highview King x Luray) 1947, bred by L. U. Sheep Co, WY, had 6 foals, all bred on.
Dolly Mae--(Captain Red x Golden Honey) 1942, had 10 foals, 6 bred on. 

Green Hill's Dev-Tone 3/63 TMH

had many get, many bred on

Lucky Stone 3/63 TMH

bred by Stuart Hazard, Kan
had 14 get

Man-Bo of Laurelmont 3/63 TMH

had seven get

(Black Ran-Bo x Diana-Mansfield)

same dam as Whippoorwill Duke