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Upwey Ben Don--Intro

His breeding has been controversial with many preferring to stay away from his descendants while others have eagerly sought his line. Whichever direction a person has chosen, today's multiple posts devoted to this horse should be studied. Read the articles, study the photos, read my comments on the mares he was bred to. Then form your own opinion.

Upwey Ben Don July 1972 The Morgan Horse magazine

Upwey Ben Don--ancestors

Upwey Ben Don--Get

Ingrid is discussed below in Ads section.

Seneca Sweetheart is discussed below in Ads section.

Liz Taylor is discussed below in Ads section.
Little Sister was one of the good New York mares coming from old line stock. Her sire was Colonel Dygert (Allen's Seneca Chief x Gill) and she was out of Selection (Sealect x Gladloss).

Mademoiselle was by Hilltop Prince, of the Old High Percent Vermont lines. 

Pavlova is discussed below in Ads section.

Abbington was sired by the Elmer Brown bred Plains King. Her dam was the Government Gadabbott. 
Rena was all Gov't breeding.

 W. Annfield was by Ethan B. (Knickerbocker x Betty Ross) and out of Annfield (Knickerbocker x Sally Ann--[Allenwood x Berry's Bess])
Abby Gail discussed below.
Seneca Lady Esther was another of the New York good Morgans, by Cornwallis and out of Betsy Ross by Sir Ethan Allen.

Jean B is discussed below in Ads section.
Junefield is discussed below in Ads section.
So is Deerfield LadY Oakland.
Circe was bred by Frances Bryant and was sired by Jubilee's Courage and out of Belldale.

Bald Mt. Black queen was all Gov't breeding. 
Frosty Gale was by The Aircorba and out of Triconga, making her pure Brunk.
Bald Mt Carol below.
Gertie G was by Tipperary and out of Fryar of old Vermont high percent lines.
Lippitt Duplicate was full sister to perhaps the most lovely Lippitt mare, Lippitt Dusky Kate. 
Norma was a solid producing mare of from the Gov't farm.  

Betty Ross discussed below.
Colony Maid discussed below.
Belle Linsley was bred by Robert Tynan of Neb. Her sire was the good Brunk stallion Agazizz and her dam another Elmer Brown mare, Rocky Hazel. 
Windcrest Cover Girl was another by Hilltop Prince.

Damsel was a good Gov't Farm producer. 
Dream Star was bred by L. U. Sheep Co. WY and was by the Brunk Night Tide and out of a Flyhawk daughter. 

Firefly's Lady Jane was some different Old Vermont lines. Her sire was a black out of Betty Jane by Delvyn. Her dam was firefly's Betty Jane and was out of Betty Jane. 

Upwey Ben Don--Ted Davis

Upwey Ben Don Ads #1

Sire of multitudes, he was out of the Government mare, Ingrid. She was by Mansfield who was out of the very good Old Vermont bred mare, Artemisia. Ingrid was out of Urnice, by Bennington and out of another good Old Vermont mare, Carolyn who was by Ethan Woodbury by Ethan Allen 3rd. 

Paramount Ambassador was bred by Erwin Miller of Vermont, a breeder of good Morgans for many years. Ambassador was originally registered as Miller's Dash. He was out of Betty Ross, who was by Mansfield and out of Berry's Bess x-04931 who was of old Vermont lines, although not the High Percent lines. All the mares here were good producers. Ambassador was the sire of multitudes. 

Schoolmaster was a popular sire in the Midwest with many get. His dam was Government breeding with a mare line going to Troubadour of Willowmoor, also found behind U. Ben Don.

Another popular sire. Out of Ingrid, discussed elsewhere.

Well used sire with lots of get. Out of Jean B. who was by Knickerbocker and out of Berry's Eunice. Knickerbocker was out of Lady Sealect, by Sealect. Berry's Eunice went back to old Vermont lines, some of them high percent. 

One of the great producing mares. 

Nancy C was another great producing mare. She was out of Pavlova, by the Gov't Silverfield, and out of Ashdaisy, who was out of Lippitt Trixie Ash.

He didinot live long, but sired many. He was by the great Pecos. His dam was the great Windcrest Nancy C.

Sold to the breeder in new Mexico, he left get all over the west. His dam was the Old Vermont mare, Bald Mt. Carol. She was by Hilltop Prince (Vigil Day x Ethanelda) and out of Vega Sir Ethan Allen x Fanny Bob). 

Upwey Ben Don Ads #2

This show gelding was out of a good Western Working Family mare who was bred by E. W. Roberts of Hi Pass, San Diego Co. CA. Roberts was a noted breeder who bred many excellent Morgans. Liz Taylor was by Bikini, a lightly used stallion by the great Blackman and out of a Elmer Brown mare, Linsley Belle, by Linsley and out of Donbelle. This was a solid, multi-generation strong producing mare line. Liz Taylor's dam was Lizieayr, bred in Colorado, by Jack Sprat and out of another Elmer Brown mare, Elma Belle R. M. (Romanesque x Sparbelle). Liz Taylor went from California to Vermont in a group of mares from the Hi Pass Ranch when the Eastern breeders wanted the substance, type, and good conformation these mares had. 

Here is the bottom mare line again being Liz Taylor.

He sired some. Again, the good mare, Liz Taylor.

Sired a bunch. Out of the Government bred mare, Ingrid (Mansfield x Urnice--Bennington x Carolyn, who was the Old Vermont lines found behind Ben Don's dam lines.

sired some. His sire Kingston was out of Junefield (Mentor x Ambition). Ambition was out of Quietude, dam of Upwey Ben Don. Nightwatch's dam was out of Colony Maid (Colonel Dygert x Selection) who was a good producer with much old high percent blood.

Sire of many. Out of a mare who was a good producer and of pure Government breeding. 

Rockette was out of the western bred Varga Girl (Highview King x Lucky) bred by L. U. Sheep Co. of Wyo. with lots of Brunk. Donna was out of  Justina Morgan, another western bred mare from Hi Pass, also by Blackman and with Brunk behind her dam.

Sired a few. His dam Starlet was a good producer. Starlet was by Starfire (Another L. U. Sheep Co. Morgan) and out of Ben Don's Sister, Upwey Benn Quietude.

Went on to much show ring success & a sire of many. His dam was out of the great mare, Seneca Sweetheart. His sire was out of Ben Don's sister, U. Benn Quietude.