Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dwight Ashmore and Mid-West News 4/63 TMH

Dwight Ashmore
1957 gelding
bred by Frances Bryant
(Lippitt Ashmore x Spring Darling)
Spring Darling--(Springfield x Townshend Lass) 1950, bred by Frances Bryant, had 16 foals
Springfield--(Lippitt Sam x Paragraph) 1941, bred by Bryant, good sire

The Brown Falcon 4/63 TMH

bred by Stuart Hazard, Kansas

(Flyhawk x Allan's Fancy L.)

Allan's Fancy L.--(Tehachapi Allan x Maggy Linsley) 1947, bred by Hiebert, Kansas
Maggy Linsley--(Linsley x May Hudson) 1928, Bred by Elmer Brown, Kansas had 15 foals

Northern California News 4/63 TMH

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Frenchy's Scout 4/63 TMH

1952, gelding
bred by George Dygert, NY

(Colonel Dygert x Streamline)

Colonel Dygert--(Allen's Seneca Chief x Gill) 1946, bred by Dygert, sired some good ones. 
Allen's Seneca Chief--(Cornwallis x Hepatica) 1939, bred by Charles Allen, NY. sired good ones.
Gill x-04456--(Mansfield x Sentinel Lass [unreg] by Sampson 5061, 2nd dam by General Gates, 3rd dam by Gillig 3869) 1926, bred in VT. had many foals that bred on. 
Hepatica--(Monterey x Isis) 1930, bred in NY, had good foals that bred on.
Isis x-04112--(Claremont 3930 x Ruby [unreg] by DeLong's Ethan Allen 1550, and out of mare by Green Mountain Banner 118) 1911, bred in VT. had just the one registered foal.

Streamline--(Cornwallis x Indian Maid) 1939, bred by Allen, had many good foals that bred on.
Indian Maid--(Monterey x Gill) 1930, in NY. had 7 foals.

This horse is a good example of the old upstate New York breeding using high percent lines and old Morgan lines that predated any family notation.

Little Mountain Monte 4/63 TMH

1955 stallion
had 6 registered get

Sire, Rex's Major Monte--(Monte L. x Lana) 1948, bred by T. R. and Freida Rex, CA) major sire
Monte L.--(Major R. M. x Jumina) 1941, bred in Wy., Major sire. Dam was pure Brunk.
Major R. M.--(Romanesque x Dorothy D. H.) 1936, bred by Elmer Brown, Kansas, good sire. 

dam, Miss Juneaux--(King Mick x Junnete) 1948, bred in Ill. had 3 foals. Pure Brunk.

Ohio News 4/63 TMH

Florida News and Kyova News 4/63 TMH