Thursday, July 27, 2017

Falene 12/65 TMH

(Fleetfield x Felicity)
Bred by J. C. Jackson & Sons, MT

Flit 12/65 TMH

(Fleetfield x Chief's Kate)
1955 mare
bred by J. C. Jackson & sons, MT

Hylee's High Barbaree 12/65 TMH

(Torchfire x Hylee's Lady Justin)
1958 stallion

Lippitt Easter Tweed 12/65 TMH

L. Easter Tweed--(Easter Twilight x Miss Tweedie)
1961 gelding
T-A Minuet--(Trilbrook Joel x Towne-Ayr Rondo--[Lippitt Rob Roy x Lusealect])
1964 filly
Windcrest Sparkle--(Upwey Ben Don x Memphis Belle)
1959 mare, no progeny
T-A Robette--(Lippitt Rob Roy x Townshend Viganita)
1964 filly, had produce

Wildwood Tamara 12/65 TMH

(Mor-Ayr Supreme x Squaw--[Warhawk x Secora])
1960 mare
had produce

Eco Jubilo 12/65 TMH

Ocel's Congo-Knight 12/65 TMH

(Congodon--[Congo x Barbadon--{Illawana Don x Barbara Rogers}] x Woodland Scarlet)
1961 gelding

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lippitt Mint Don 12/65 TMH

(Lippitt Ethan Don x Lippitt Spearmint)
1959 stallion

Coffey Choice 12/65 TMH

Correct Name is Coffey Choice
(Lippitt Morman x Jeanne Allen, by Blackman)
1957 mare
good producer in Oregon

Debacon Dainty Benn 12/65 TMH

(King Benn--[Illini x Whispering Winds] x Dainty Bridlesweet--[Archie T x Dark Beauty])
1962 stallion

Funquest Colonel Ben 12/65 TMH

(Upwey King Benn x Margaret Colonel)
1961 stallion
sired some

Wildwood Shamrock 12/65 TMH

(Mor-Ayr Supreme x Cinna--[Warhawk x Smokie])
1960 mare
had produce

Suncrest Cavalier 12/65 TMH

(Redberry, by Agazizz, x Brooklyn Scarlet--[Sonny Bob x Scarlett O'Hara])
1959 gelding

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Prince of Pride 12/65 TMH

(Dickie's Pride, by Flying Jubilee,  x Utah Queen)
1956 stallion
sired some
bred by Mosher Bros., UT

Monday, July 24, 2017

Funquest Pat Hand 12/65 TMH

(Flyhawk's Black Star x Cornwallis Pat)
1962 stallion
sire of many

Topside Eager Beaver 12/65 TMH

(Broadwall Brigadier x Bambi Moon)
1960 stallion
sire of many

Towne-Ayr Troubadour 12/65 TMH

(Lippitt Rob Roy x Lusealect, by Sealect)
1958 gelding

Ledgewood Pecora 12/65 TMH

(Pecos x Janee)

Townshend Vigilass 12/65 TMH

(Orcland Vigildon x Townshend Gladys)
1960 mare

King's Black Knight 12/65 TMH

(Ramona Brave x Cresta's Kitty Clover)
originally registered as Ramona Lightning
1960 stallion
had a few foals

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ethan Eldon 12/65 TMH

(Vigilant x Ethanelda)
1938 stallion
bred by F. H. Orcutt, VT
foundation stallion for Dana Kelley's Royalton Morgans, VT
Mr & Mrs Dana Kelley in sleigh

Tacinca 12/65 TMH

(Rusty x Wenonah)
1961 mare
bred by Sid Spencer, CA

Caven-Glo Christina 12/65 TMH

Tap-Nor Bittersweet 12/65 TMH

(Moro Hill's Medallion x Libby Ashmore, by Lippitt Ashmore)
1962 colt
went on to be a good sire

Trophy's Award 12/65 TMH

(Trophy x Ruthven's Betty Ann)
1957 stallion

Silkolene 12/65 TMH

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rusty Walker 12/65 TMH

(King Pine x Miss Luellen)
1963 colt
went on to sire many

Waer's Fawnette 12/65 TMH

(Waer's Lucky hawk x Lana)
1959 mare

Lady of Dickie 12/65 TMH

(Chocolate Snooper x Arminto)
1963 filly
bred by L. U. Sheep Co., WY

Lorwin Beau Jay 12/65 TMH

(Flying Jubilee x Ember Red)
1963 stallion
good sire

Funquest Leeza 12/65 TMH

(The Brown Falcon x Liza Lee)
1963 mare

Homeseeker 12/65 TMH

(Homestake x Elsie B. )
1957 stallion
sire of many

Friday, July 21, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Clement 12/65 TMH

(Jubilee's Courage, by Jubilee King, x Lippitt Robrita)
1957 stallion
bred by Frances Bryant, VT

Carolina Gypsy 12/65 TMH

(Trophy's Award x Trophy's Merit)
her parents were 1/2 siblings, both by Trophy
1960 mare
had 2 produce

Coralee 12/65 TMH

(Verran's Laddie x Rubby x-05238--{Barrymore McDonald A. S. H. R. x Madell, by Jubilee King})
1953 mare
producer of many

Tara's Laddie 12/65 TMH

(Clement x Coralee)
1964 gelding

Rebel Land Quizann 12/65 TMH

(Quizkid x Ruthven's Miriam Ann)
1960 mare

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Townshedn Debadonna 12/65 TMH

(Orcland Vigildon x Windcrest Debutante)
1962 mare