Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sargent-D 1975

Scot's Cori Lad 1975

Moro Hill's Emelyn 1975

Mar-Lo's Colonel Hamtramck 1975

This horse still shows up in pedigrees today but there were very few photos of him.

Jeanne Mellin painting 1975

Today's entries are from this extra for the year 1975. Tomorrow's and the day after will also be from this.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Dyberry Robin 12/65 TMH

noted sire in Washington

Cinna 12/65 TMH

(Warhawk x Smokie)
1956 mare
good producer
bred by George Cross & Son, WY

Lippitt Dream Star 12/65 TMH

(Lippitt Tweedle Dee x Lippitt Dream Girl)
1962 mare
had one produce

Moro Hill's Ashbrook 12/65 TMH

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Falene 12/65 TMH

(Fleetfield x Felicity)
Bred by J. C. Jackson & Sons, MT

Flit 12/65 TMH

(Fleetfield x Chief's Kate)
1955 mare
bred by J. C. Jackson & sons, MT

Hylee's High Barbaree 12/65 TMH

(Torchfire x Hylee's Lady Justin)
1958 stallion

Lippitt Easter Tweed 12/65 TMH

L. Easter Tweed--(Easter Twilight x Miss Tweedie)
1961 gelding
T-A Minuet--(Trilbrook Joel x Towne-Ayr Rondo--[Lippitt Rob Roy x Lusealect])
1964 filly
Windcrest Sparkle--(Upwey Ben Don x Memphis Belle)
1959 mare, no progeny
T-A Robette--(Lippitt Rob Roy x Townshend Viganita)
1964 filly, had produce

Wildwood Tamara 12/65 TMH

(Mor-Ayr Supreme x Squaw--[Warhawk x Secora])
1960 mare
had produce

Eco Jubilo 12/65 TMH

Ocel's Congo-Knight 12/65 TMH

(Congodon--[Congo x Barbadon--{Illawana Don x Barbara Rogers}] x Woodland Scarlet)
1961 gelding

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lippitt Mint Don 12/65 TMH

(Lippitt Ethan Don x Lippitt Spearmint)
1959 stallion

Coffey Choice 12/65 TMH

Correct Name is Coffey Choice
(Lippitt Morman x Jeanne Allen, by Blackman)
1957 mare
good producer in Oregon

Debacon Dainty Benn 12/65 TMH

(King Benn--[Illini x Whispering Winds] x Dainty Bridlesweet--[Archie T x Dark Beauty])
1962 stallion

Funquest Colonel Ben 12/65 TMH

(Upwey King Benn x Margaret Colonel)
1961 stallion
sired some

Wildwood Shamrock 12/65 TMH

(Mor-Ayr Supreme x Cinna--[Warhawk x Smokie])
1960 mare
had produce

Suncrest Cavalier 12/65 TMH

(Redberry, by Agazizz, x Brooklyn Scarlet--[Sonny Bob x Scarlett O'Hara])
1959 gelding

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Prince of Pride 12/65 TMH

(Dickie's Pride, by Flying Jubilee,  x Utah Queen)
1956 stallion
sired some
bred by Mosher Bros., UT

Monday, July 24, 2017

Funquest Pat Hand 12/65 TMH

(Flyhawk's Black Star x Cornwallis Pat)
1962 stallion
sire of many

Topside Eager Beaver 12/65 TMH

(Broadwall Brigadier x Bambi Moon)
1960 stallion
sire of many

Towne-Ayr Troubadour 12/65 TMH

(Lippitt Rob Roy x Lusealect, by Sealect)
1958 gelding

Ledgewood Pecora 12/65 TMH

(Pecos x Janee)

Townshend Vigilass 12/65 TMH

(Orcland Vigildon x Townshend Gladys)
1960 mare

King's Black Knight 12/65 TMH

(Ramona Brave x Cresta's Kitty Clover)
originally registered as Ramona Lightning
1960 stallion
had a few foals

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ethan Eldon 12/65 TMH

(Vigilant x Ethanelda)
1938 stallion
bred by F. H. Orcutt, VT
foundation stallion for Dana Kelley's Royalton Morgans, VT
Mr & Mrs Dana Kelley in sleigh

Tacinca 12/65 TMH

(Rusty x Wenonah)
1961 mare
bred by Sid Spencer, CA

Caven-Glo Christina 12/65 TMH

Tap-Nor Bittersweet 12/65 TMH

(Moro Hill's Medallion x Libby Ashmore, by Lippitt Ashmore)
1962 colt
went on to be a good sire

Trophy's Award 12/65 TMH

(Trophy x Ruthven's Betty Ann)
1957 stallion

Silkolene 12/65 TMH

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rusty Walker 12/65 TMH

(King Pine x Miss Luellen)
1963 colt
went on to sire many

Waer's Fawnette 12/65 TMH

(Waer's Lucky hawk x Lana)
1959 mare

Lady of Dickie 12/65 TMH

(Chocolate Snooper x Arminto)
1963 filly
bred by L. U. Sheep Co., WY

Lorwin Beau Jay 12/65 TMH

(Flying Jubilee x Ember Red)
1963 stallion
good sire

Funquest Leeza 12/65 TMH

(The Brown Falcon x Liza Lee)
1963 mare