Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rex's Major Monte TMH 1/2-66

(Monte L. x Lana)
1948 stallion bred by Mr & Mrs T R Rex. Mr Rex died and Mrs. Rex remarried to Frank Waer (up in photo), and thus Waer Morgans began.
Noted sire & show horse.

Hylee's High Barbaree TMH 1/2-66

1958 stallion
good sire in midwest

Travaille TMH 1/2-66

(Silver Rockwood x General Ben's Joy)
1956 stallion
sire in Canada

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ethan's Gay Archer and Moro Hill Mischief TMH 1/2-66

Gay Archer--(Moro Hill Gay Ethan x Arc Anne--Archie "N" x Suzanne Archie) 1961 gelding
Mischief--(Dyberry Ethan x Moro Hill's Morine)  1960 gelding
shown here in the Matched Pairs Class, Canadian Lakehead Exhibition, 1965

Ransomvale Janeallen TMH 1/2-66

(Allen's Major x Plain Jane--Lippitt Jeep x Archie's Nekomia)
1964 filly

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dinah Darling TMH 1/2-66

(Superson x Gay Paree)
1960 mare

Monarch's Von Fritz TMH 1/2-66

(Ashland Marchwind x Lassie's Temptation)
1962 stallion
sired some

Cingo TMH 1/2-66

(Congo x Cynthia)
1959 mare
bred by J. Roy Brunk
noted producer

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lord Linsley TMH 1/2-66

(Linsley Lee x Sunflower Belle)
1957 stallion

Spring Glo TMH 1/2-66

(Mor-Ayr Supreme x Lilli Glo)
1959 gelding

Lippitt George Moro TMH 1/2-66

(Lippitt Red Moro x Lippitt Georgia)
1958 stallion

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trophy's Award TMH 1/2-66

(Trophy x Ruthven's Betty Ann)
1957 stallion
noted show horse & sire

Ledgewood Pecora TMH 1/2-66

(Pecos x Janee)
1957 mare
Good show horse & producer
full sister to Sealect of Windcrest

Monday, September 22, 2014

Macanjo's Cotton Lass TMH 1/2-66

(Kenney's King Cotton x Schoolmaster's Choice)
1952 mare
good producer

Kane's High Society TMH 1/2-66

(Quizkid x Music Maid)
1960 stallion
noted sire

Beau Geddes TMH 1/2-66

(Quizkid x Ruthven's Rosilita Ann)
1959 stallion
had only one registered get

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Richwood Morgan TMH 1/2-66

(Ramona Brave x Daisy Sonfield)
1963 stallion
Successful show horse & sire

Illawana Sambo TMH 1/2-66

(Illawana Jerry x Nala)
1951 stallion

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jubilee's Gloria TMH 1/2-66

(Jubilee King x Townshend Lass)
1949 mare
Eve Oakley up.
Good producer.
Eve was owner of Caven-Glo Morgans and bred many very good, traditional Morgans. I was privileged to know her when I first got into Morgans.

Devan Marsh Hawk TMH 1/2-66

 (Devan Duke x Devan Dimglow)
1959 stallion
Peggy Jett P:ittenger up
He was a good sire & a versitile show & pleasure horse.
Peggy Pitenger was an author of a book on general horse care & breeding which I had in my high school age collection and a book about Morgans which I acquired later. The Morgan book, although old now, is still a very good one to have for Morgan history. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lord Linsley TMH 1/2-66

(Linsley Lee x Sunflower Belle)
1957 stallion, bred in Kansas of old Kansas stock
good sire

Gallant King TMH 1/2-66

(Flyhawk x Neliza)
1954 stallion, bred by Stuart Hazard (Funquest Morgans)
good sire & show horse

Cornella TMH 1/2-66

(Colonel's Boy x Linela)
1958 mare, bred by Stuart Hazard (Funquest Farm)
Had a few produce. Shown a lot.

Bay State Elect TMH 1/2-66

(Sealect of Wind-Crest x Narcissa)
1957 stallion
sired a few

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rocky Bon TMH 1/2-66

(Bonfire x Pikaki)
1949 stallion
Good sire

U. C. Pantana TMH 1/2-66

(Panfield x Sentana)
1955 mare
good dam
Her flaxen comes from both parents.

Reed's Gallant Rose TMH 1/2-66

(Gallant King x Conelda)
1962 mare

Reed's Gallant Bess TMH 1/2-66

(Gallant King x Conelda)
1961 mare

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Towne-Ayr Sweetbriar TMH 1/2-66

(Lippitt Rob Roy x Lantz' Beauty)
1960 mare
shown in Half Mile Race in Harness & Roadster classes

Picanini TMH 1/2-66

(Warhawk x Geegee)
bred by george A. Cross & Son, WY
1954 mare

Bayfield Bonnie Lass TMH 1/2-66

(Parade x Especially)
1958 mare
one registered foal

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Donola TMH 1/2-66

(Donald 5224 x Lady Roberts by Billy Roberts 4550)
1915 mare bred by C. C. Stillman
good dam, including the good producer Alola by Allen H.

Almina TMH 1/2-66

(Allen H. x Mink)
Allen H.--(Ethan Allen 3rd x Black Bess by Governor Fisk, son of Flying Morrill)
Mink--(Bob Morgan x mare x Moses)

1923 mare bred by C. C. Stillman
had one registered foal

Monday, September 15, 2014

Donald 1/2-66 TMH

(Bob Morgan 4549 x bay by Ethan Allen 3rd 3987)
1904 stallion
Listed as Lippitt Club Foundation horse
noted sire of his time

Denning Allen TMH 1/2-66

(Honest Allen, by Ethan Allen 50, x Rena, by Ward's Flying Cloud by Black Hawk)
1874 stallion

Hy Crest Tommy Hawk TMH 1/2-66

(Hy-Crest's Tommy x Pixy Hawk)
1957 stallion
noted sire in upper midwest

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Funquest Falcon TMH 3-66

(The Brown Falcon x Dot S Bell Ann)
1959 stallion
noted sire for Stuart Hazard's Funquest Morgans.

Prince of Pride TMH 3-66

 1956 stallion

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Moro Hill's Ethan TMH 3-66

Shown here at 2 yrs.
Even though he was advertised at stud he had no registered get.

SSM Dream Fire 1983-2014

First two photos taken 1986 by A. Clark McKee

photo from early 90's

1995 with her filly, SSM Dream Singer

Dreamer was a 7/8th Lippitt. Her sire was  full Lippitt Ember Ethan Dandy (Moro Hill Gay Ethan x Caven-Glo Lisa by Lippitt Moro Alert)
Her dam was Ember Serene, a 3/4 Lippitt whose sire was Ember Medallion (Moro Hill Medallion x Caven-Glo Lisa) and out of Rosemont Gay Bess (Moro Hill Gay Ethan x Kedron Betsy Ross).

I  was there at Dreamer's birth. I was there at her passing. I was with her every one of her 31 years. It was too short of a time...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Towne-Ayr Rusty Ash TMH 3-66

(Lippitt Rob Roy x Towne-Ayr Belle--by Lippitt Firelight)
1960 stallion
good sire