Monday, May 30, 2016

Shawalla Bittsy 1-2/69 TMH

(Shawalla Buck x Shawalla Tabie)
1962 mare

Shawalla Tab 1-2/69 TMH

(Silver Rockwood x Tabie Field)
1961 mare

Shawalla Princess 1-2/69 TMH

(Silver Rockwood x Helen Field)
1960 mare

Rockfield 1-2/69 TMH

(Silver Rockwood x Katrina Field)
1955 stallion
sire of multitudes, many under the Shawalla prefix

Katrina Field 1-2/69 TMH

(Sonfield x Blazie Q.)
1946 mare
grand old dam!

Lady's Golden Rebel 1-2/69 TMH

1963 mare

Trophy's Emerald 1-2/69 TMH

(Trophy x Ruthven's Nancy Ann)
1961 mare

Whippoorwill Telstar 1-2/69 TMH

(Whippoorwill Duke x Merry Bellstar)
1965 stallion
sire in Canada

Foxfire 1-2/69 TNH

(Bonfire x Jubilee Joy)
1951 stallion
a popular sire in the midwest, he was the sire of multitudes

Justwilight 1-2/69 TMH

(Twilight Ashmore x Royalton Justina)
1964 stallion
sired a few

Novanna Ethan L. 1-2/69 TMH

1964 mare
bred by Robert Riley, What Cheer IA
sold to Canada where she had produce

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Manzanita 10-53 TMH

left to right--

Manzanita--(Mansfield x Paragraph) 1942 mare, good producer

Townshend Gladalect--(Sealect x Gladloss) 1941 mare, dam

Soneldon--(Ulendon x Ethanelda) 1942 gelding

Springfield 10-53 TMH

(Lippitt Sam x Paragraph)
1941 stallion
good sire

Quizkid 10-53 TMH

(Ulysses x Glady)
1946 stallion
good sire of multitudes

Joan D. 10-53 TMH

(Berry's Billy x Polly D.)
1944 mare

Shherimill Sunrise 10-53 TMH

(Elchem x Hepatica)
1948 stallion
sire of many

Mansphyllis 10-53 TMH

Mansphyllis--(Mansfield x Paragraph)
1943 mare
excellent producing dam, out of an excellent producing dam

Debutante, 1953 filly, sired by Lippitt Ethan Ash

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tinkerbell 9-53 TMH

1941 mare
had 14 foals

Lippitt Mandate 9-53 TMH

Whippoorwill Duke 9-53 TMH

Supersam 9-53 TMH

(Lippitt Sam x Paragraph)
1950 stallion
bred by Frances Bryant, VT
this young sire's life was cut short as he was lost in the Orcland Farm barn fire in the mid-'50's

Dyberry Billy 9-53 TMH

Lippitt Jeep 9-53 TMH

(Lippitt Sampson x Ne Komia)
1942 stallion
good sire

Ruthven's Rosilita Ann 9-53 TMH

(Lippitt Moro Ash x Rosilee)
1948 mare

Ruthven's Becky Ann 9-53 TMH

 (Lippitt Moro Ash x Rosilee)
1949 mare

Illawana Patsy Red 9-53 TMH

(Captain Red x Gildia) 
1944 mare

Illawana Patsy Red, Illawana Jerry 9-53 TMH

Patsy--(Captain Red x Gildia), 1944 mare, dam

Jerry--(Captain Red x Gildia), 1948 stallion, sire

in back, Indian Summer--(Monterey x Dillon), 1935 mare, dam, Govt & WWF

Friday, May 27, 2016

Lippitt Gladys Moro 8-53 TMH

(Lippitt Moro x Ne Komia)
1938 mare, very important dam
full sister to Lippitt Miss Nekomia

Lippitt Old Glory 8-53 TMH

(Lippitt Searchlight x Lippitt Sally Ash)
1943 gelding

Twilight Florette 8-53 TMH

(Lippitt Sam Twilight x Conniedale--[Lippitt Croydon Ethan x Annadale)
1953 filly, bred by Margaret van D. Rice, NH
good producer

General Marshall 8-53 TMH

(Indian Boy x Beaut)
1947 stallion
had 2 get

Questionnaire 8-53 TMH

(Haven x June de Jarnette)
1948 gelding

Kennebec Beau 8-53 TMH

(Bayfield x Belle of May)
1950 gelding

Choice Mistress 8-53 TMH

(Choice Master x Pondette)
1947 mare, good producer

Belle of May 8-53 TMH

(Rapinier x Jane Allen)
1943 mare, had 2 foals

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Arkomia, Nekomia's Archie, Archie O

Arkomia--(Archie O x Lippitt Miss Nekomia) 1946 mare

Nekomia's Archie--(Archie O x Lippitt Miss Nekomia) 1945 stallion, sire

Archie O--(Archy Hudson x Byrrh) 1933 stallion, sire

Archie Herod L. 8-53 TMH

(Archie O x Rhythm Lovely Lady)
1948 stallion

Squire Skimp 8-53 TMH

(Congo x May Burger)
1947 stallion
bred by Joseph Brunk
had only 7 registered foals (darn it!)

Ruthven's Nancy Ann 8-53 TMH

(Lippitt Moro Ash x Ruthven's Beatrice Ann, by Cornwallis)
1947 mare
 good producer

Skagit Vashon 8-53 TMH

(Highwood L. x Indian Summer)
1947 stallion
with Louise Bates up

Royalton Ashbrook Darling 8-53 TMH

(Lippitt Ethan Ash x Royalton Joan Darling)
1950 colt
good sire of many

Lippitt Ashmore 8-53 TMH

(Lippitt Ethan Ash x Lippitt Sally Moro)
1952 colt
good sire of many

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Royalton Sam Ethan 7-53 TMH

(Lippitt Sam x Griselda Morgan)
1949 stallion
had 13 get

Sealect Lass 7-53 TMH

(Sealect x Cornwall Lass)
1931 mare
full sister to Cornwallis
had 5 foals

Mansphyllis & Parade 7/53 TMH

Mansphyllis--(Mansfield x Paragraph)
1943 mare, bred by Frances Bryant, VT
noted dam of many, coming from a family of strongly producing mares

Parade, sired by Cornwallis

Archie Herod L. 7-53 TMH

(Archie O x Rhythm Lovely Lady)
1948 stallion

Friday, May 20, 2016

Tarik's Golden Lass 6-53 TMH

(Upwey Prince Tarik x Penona)
1944 mare, had 2 foals