Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Haven's Blazer TMH 4-67

(Haven x Anna Rose)
1954 stallion

Jet Morgan TMH 4-67

(Chief Justin Morgan x Crow Woman)
1958 stallion bred by George A. Cross & Son, WY
sired a few

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eco Jubilo TMH 4-67

(Eco Lujo x Belle of Vermont)
1960 stallion
good sire
Joanne Overstreet up, now Joanne Curtis

in back--
Red Jo-Allen C.
(Blackman Allen x Coffey Choice)
1961 stallion, sire

Dyberry Comet TMH 4-67

(Wind-Crest Sensation x Dyberry Nekomiss)
1963 colt

Monday, July 28, 2014

Trophy's Award TMH 4-67

(Trophy x Ruthven's Betty Ann)
1957 stallion

UVM Cantor TMH 4-69

(Tutor x Sugar)
1955 stallion
One of UVM's main sires.

O-At-Ka Sealect Lad TMH 4-67

(Allen's Major x Townshend Lady Selectafield)
good sire

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Towne-Ayr Heather TMH 4-67

(Lippitt Rob Roy x Dream Star)
1965 mare

Towne-Ayr Carillon TMH 4-67

(Lippitt Rob Roy x Towne-Ayr Belle--Lippitt Firelight x Dream Star)
1959 mare
Shown here as 1966 Vermont State Champion Open Pleasure Driving Horse and
Reserve Champion Morgan Pleasure Horse

Towne-Ayr Cadence TMH 4-67

(Royalton Sam Ethan x Towne-Ayr Carillon)
1965 mare
had some produce
Shown here as long yearling, Vermont State Champion Open Colt [sic] for 1966

Friday, July 25, 2014

High Pastures Beth TMH 4-67

(Dyberry Buddy x Royalton Hepsibeth)
1962 mare

Broadwall Massai TMH 4-67

(Silgal's Improver x Lyktyna)
1953 gelding

Corisham TMH 4-67

(Corisor of Upwey x Petersham Fritzie)
1960 stallion

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nubbin's Colonel TMH 4-67

(Lippitt Field Marshal x Nubbin's Pride)
1959 stallion

Roanoke Dana Darling TMH 4-67

(Royalton Ric Darling x Daphne Ashmore)
1964 stallion

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mistresss Showak Vona TMH 4-67

(Mr. Showman x Miss Show Business)
1961 mare

Kirshon's Misty TMH 4-67

(Clement x Merry Mia)
1962 mare

October Welcome TMH 4-67

(Lippitt Ashmore x Carolina)
1965 colt

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coralee TMH 4-67

(Verran's Laddie x Rubby)
1953 mare, had a lot of foals

Carolina Gypsy TMH 4-67

(Trophy's Award x Trophy's Merit)
1960 mare
Both her parents were by Trophy. The owner of Trophy, D. F. Switzler of PA was her breeder.
She had a few foals.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lippitt Gregory Photos from Laura Stillwell collection

I took these in Sept. 1980 when visiting Bab Verdugo who was Lippitt Gregory's owner at that time. Gregory was the only breeding progeny of Lippitt George Moro, shown yesterday. Gregory's dam was Lippitt Ethan Ann. He was a 1962 foal. He sired many good Morgans in Calif. but no full Lippitts.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lippitt George Moro TMH 4-67

(Lippitt Red Moro x Lippitt Georgia)
1958 stallion
Retained by Knight, he had 3 Lippitt prefix foals:
Lippitt Gee Whiz in 1961; Lippitt Rebel in 1962; and Lippitt Gregory (x Lippitt Ethan Ann) in 1962. Knight died and in 1962, all his Morgans were sold in a dispersal sale. This photo shows Lippitt George Moro in 1966, owned by folks in PA. He had no further foals. Lippitt Gregory was sold to Calif. where he sired a bunch of good Morgans, but no full Lippitts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scarlett o'Hara TMH 4-67

shown at age 26
(Will Rogers x Bird L.)
1939 mare
good dam

Arkomia Bridget TMH 4-67

(Lippitt Jeep x Sue's Temptation [Archie O x Sue Travelmore--out of Lippitt Miss Nekomia])
1963 mare
behind her is Arkomia Petit Jeep (Lippitt Jeep x Flirtation Walk "O") 1963 gelding

Stone's Check Mate TMH 4-67

(Archie T. x Dudette)
1960 stallion
one of the last of the pure Old Midwest Family

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jay's Memory TMH 4-67

1964 mare

Orlaine's Breezy TMH 4-67

(Poco Aljoy x Sparkle Lady)
1961 mare

Mott's April Mist TMH 4-67

(Classy Boy x Diane)
1964 filly

Monday, July 14, 2014

Poney TMH 4-67

(Dean Montana x Miss Pullman)
1961 mare, producer

Perjea's Tyke TMH 4-67

(Merry Warlock x Thelben Easter Star)
1965 mare

Shawalla Sue TMH 4-67

(Rockfield x Rosella A.)
1964 mare, dam

Dedrick TMH 4-67

(Fleetfield x Detta)
Bred by J. C. Jackson, MT
1954 stallion & sire

Pemberton's Pemfield TMH 4-67

(Rockfield x Orabird)
1963 stallion
had two get

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Babe The Black Lady TMH 4-67

(King Richard x Oglala Girl)

King's Dawn TMH 4-67

(Larruby King Royale x Madam Dawn)
1962 mare
had a few foals

Linsley Sunbelle TMH 4-67

(Rex Linsley x Sundo)
1962 mare
bred in NM shown here in AZ
had a few foals

Kings-Haven Senator TMH 4-67

(Senator Graham x Choquita)
1960 stallion
sire for Topside Morgans, Colo.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Montey Vermont TMH 4-67

(Keystone x Ginger Vermont, by Red Vermont)
1957 stallion

Shawalla Lady Bird TMH 4-67

(Rockfield x Abbott's Lady)
1960 mare

Payton's Pixie TMH 4-67

(Sun  Dust x Shamrock H.)
1962 mare

Jet Traveler TMH 4-67

(Skagit Nack-Yal x Abasue)
1960 stallion

Sir Gaylord TMH 4-67

(Jet Traveler x Gorgeous Lady)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Orcland Ambassador TMH 4-67

(Ulendon x Royalton Hippolyta)
1963 stallion

Magic Maid TMH 4-67

(Cinnamon King x Fanny De Jarnette)
1963 mare

Hi-Winds Lady Ann TMH 4-67

(Deerfield Challenger x Bonny Lady)
1965 mare
dam of two