Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ramona Warrior 7-73 TMH

(Otto McClure x Jipsey Allen)
1957 stallion
good sire in Calif.

Waer's May Day 7-3 TMH

(Waer's Play Boy x Waer's Bonnie Bea)
1969 mare

Funquest Stello 7-73 TMH

(Chief Red Hawk x Stelleta)
1968 gelding

Rosemont Gay Eric 7-73 TMH

(Moro Hill Gay Ethan x Verdonna Vermont)
1969 stallion
good sire in Nor. Calif.
I never did get to see him in person but did see some of his full sibblings & they were all good true Morgans.

Funquest Agalee 7-73 TMH

(Funquest Agizon x Dot S fanny)
1971 filly

Waer's Country Squire 7-73 TMH

(Waer's Dividend x Waer's Debutane)
1971 colt
sired some nice ones in So. Calif.

Funquest Long Star 7-73 TMH

(Funquest Prophet x Funquest Dolly Star)
 1970 gelding

Funquest Berrybox 7-73 TMH

(Funquest Prophet x Funquest Bennita)
1969 stallion
good sire in So. Calif.
I got to see him at various shows & he was a true Morgan.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Royalton Morgans

Hanover Gold Finger 7-73 TMH

(Chasley Superman x Lippitt Dream Girl)
1965 stallion
sired a few

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Moro Hill's Marskman 6-73 TMH

(Dyberry Ethan x Lippitt Royal Margarita)
1961 gelding

Funquest Alfa Star 6-73 TMH

HiPastures Morodon 6-73 TMH

(Highpastures Croydon x Lippitt Red Mint)
1969 gelding

Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Topside Diablo 4-73 TMH

(Applevale Medallion x Topside Pandora)
1968 gelding

Funquest Storytime 4-73 TMH

(Funquest Prophet x Dot S Bell Ann)
1969 mare

Royalton Hubert 4-73 TMH

Cambridge Medallion 4-73 TMH

(Applevale Medallion x Topside Tempest)
1969 stallion

King Cole 4-73 TMH

(Shine On x Hickory)
1969 stallion
went to Canada
descendants of his are around today

Ashwillett 4-73 TMH


Bridget Nekomia Ash 4-73 TMH

Ransomvale Jamie 4-73 TMH

(Allen's Major x Bonnie Twilight)

Don victor 4-73 TMH

Springervale Pecora 4-73 TMH


Corisham 4-73 TMH


Harmony Brook 4-73 TMH

She did not have a lot of foals, but one was Applevale Cadence.