Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Dream Figure 13747

(Orcland Dondarling x Deerfield Lady Oakland)

Park-Lea Figurine 016118

(Green Dream Figure x Wales Farm Rita)

Wales Farm Rita 010119

(Stanfield x Lippitt Romance)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1967 North Central Morgan Show

Phantom Falcon 15158

Ironstone High Hopes 15455

The sire of this horse was in a previous North Central posting.

Kay's Pride 014982

(R'Surene Pride x Sunflower Kay)

Like the filly below, this filly brings together local bred Morgans with imports from Vermont. The R'Surene prefix was a long one, breeding Morgans in South Dakota for many decades. Their sire lines were usually from the Government Farm through UVM. The Sunflower prefix was also South Dakota, based heavily on WWF.

Highwood Terpsichery 015641

(Wind-Crest Medo Lane x Sunflower Sue)

While the colt below was a purely Vermont bred who ended up in the midwest, this filly is the result of a locally bred mare being bred to a Vermont stallion.

Windy Main Rondo 14443

(UVM Flash x Millers Beauty)

What a pose!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More from the 1967 New York Morgan Show

Westwold Dona Resa 012210

(Ulendon x Rena)

A well known and very successful show mare of the time. Went on to be a successful broodmare.

Orcland Bellendon 14496

(Ulendon x Broadwall Bonny Bell)

Applevale Don Juan 14533

(Pecos x Valatie)
Went to California and had more show wins and was sire of many.

Paramount's Delight 013316

(Paramount Ambassador x Maggie Allen)

Mad River Windsong 15419

(Windcrest Mr. Sucess x U C Symphony)

Ledgewood Pecora 09867

(Pecos x Janee)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Leontine Linsley 09608

Sire--Madi Canfield
Dam--Bonny Linsley

The three photos today were from the Feb. 1968 TMH and feature the Morgan Cutting Horse Association 1967 awards.

Flaxie's Best 012379

Sire--Classy Boy
Dam--Flaxy Allan
The Mosher Brothers were Utah ranchers who bred Morgans for their own use on their ranch. They needed a stout, tough horse who could work hard all day.

Squire Spar 013433

Sire--Lee Spar
Dam--Klitso Spar
These two were by the same sire, bred by the Hunnewell, Circle K Ranch of eastern California & Nevada.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

1967 Ohio Morgans

Ohio was a true melting pot of Morgan families in the 1960's with a strong Government Farm influence coming through Merle Evan's Devan Farm, a strong Brunk influence, and a good dose of the Western Working Family.

Devan Apollo 14744

Sire--Devan Robbie
Dam--Devan Madam

Very typical of many of the Devan horses, having a thick neck.

Sea Gale 014041

Sire--Sea Breeze
Dam--Red Jewel

Miller's Stormy Lake 13538 & Hidden Fancy 011464

Hidden Fancy--

Miller's Stormy Lake--
Hurricane Lake
Dam--Chi Chi
Brunk, WWF

Freeman's Rockfire 13257

Sire-- O C R
Dam--Kaki Bon

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jubilee Duchess 013928

Dam-- (Dappper Dan x Verdonna Vermont)

Crestwood Top Hat 17345

Sire--(Broadwall St. Pat x Mon Heir Faith)
Dam--Kona Spar (Lee Spar x Lula B. Field)

April Breeze 013798

UVM Cantor 11499


Friday, April 24, 2009

1967 Pennsylvannia Morgan Show

Townshend Debadonna

Sire--Orcland Vigildon
Dam--Windcrest's Debutante

Holly Bob's Darling 012937

Sire--Orcland Dondarling
Dam--Holly's Katrina

A-Okay 13739

Sire--Waseeka's Nocturne
Dam--Ebony Dancer

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Suzanne Archie & Square Suzanne

Suzanne Archie 07954 & Square Suzanne 08217
Sire--Archie O
Dam--Lippitt Suzanne

This photo flatters neither of these full sisters, but it is the only photo there is of Square Suzanne & there is only one other of Suzanne Archie.

The unnamed foal--
Sire--Emerald's Cochise (Sky Chief x Archie's Nekomia)

Emerald's Aristocrat

Sire--Our Emerald King
Dam--Rhythm Lovely Lady

A poor photo of a very nice stallion. He was one of the last of the Old Midwest Family.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

North Central Morgan Show, 1967

Funquest Consuelo 16037

Sire--Funquest Falcon
Dam--Black Patch

Went on to become prolific sire.

Colonel Jarnette 12699

Sire--Milaca Major
Dam--Susette Jarnette

Hy Sara Lee 012553

April Breeze 012043

Capridon Rio

Dam--Wild Wood Lindy Lou

Bonnie Lee's Rebel 18050

Sire--Jet Morgan
Dam--Bonnie Lee's Duchess

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More from the NY Morgan Show, 1967

Donlenda Moro 012456

Sire--O-At-Ka- Don Moro
Dam--Billenda Allen

Mad River Sailor 16145

Sire--Bay State Admiral
Dam--U. C. Reverie

Summer Tan 012122

Sire--Linsleys Allen
Dam--Ellen Bar

Tiger Allen 13836

Petalbrook Eloise 016479

Sire--Green Meads Marauder (Upwey Ben Don x Abbington of Shady Lawn)
Dam--Petalbrook Amylect (Sealect of Windcrest x UVM Annandale)

Sinn Fein Donnybrook 13817

Sire--Wind-Crest Donfield
Dam--U. C. Torandora

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Equinox Ethan 13828

Sire--Bald Mt. Ebony Knight (Easter Twilight x Tinkerbell)
Dam--Royalton Samantha (Ethan Eldon x Lippitt Suzanne)

Caven-Glo Travelnman

Tiger Allen 13836

Ledgewood Jancos 13036

Full brother to Ledgewood Pecora, pictured some posts back.

Friday, April 17, 2009

1967 New York Morgan Show

Verizon is, as usual, slow about repairs so I still have no phone line at home. Therefore, I am posting more pictures on days I am at the store w/DSL.

All today's photos are from the Feb. 1968 TMH and are from the 1967 New York Morgan Show. At that time, Morgans were shown fat, which hides some conformation flaws and makes them look more typey. The breeding of these winners is interesting in that it shows the trend of using well-bred mares of solid old lines crossed to the less typey Government stock and a strong infustion of Saddlebred through Upwey Ben Don, whose paternal grandsire, Upwey King Peavine, was a pure Saddlebred. Applevale Farm was a large breeder in New York and did breed many very nice Morgans. Their foundation stallion for many years was the typey Pecos whose ancestry was of the Old Vermont lines and some Government and some other lines similiar to the Government Farm program but coming out of other old New England stock. The U. C. prefix were Morgans bred by the University of Conn. whose stock was from the Governement Farm in Vermont.

Applevale Katonah 011599

Dam--U. C. Mention

Applevale Kinsman 15306

Dam--U. C. Mention (Mentor x Quotation)
He went on to be a popular sire.

Applevale Aristocrat 17606