Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kennebec Peregrine 8-72 TMH

(Little Hawk x Kennebec Helen)
1967 mare

Q Bellum Hawk 8-72 TMH

Q Lady Madison 8-72 TMH

Porvenir Beau Don 8-72 TMH

(Windcrest Bob B x Fashion Plate)
1969 stallion

Porvenir Skyrocket 8-72 TMH

(Windcrest Bob B x Rim Rocket)
1969 gelding

Applevale Red Fox 8-72 TMH

(Pecos x Windcrest Dona Lee)
1969 stallion
good sire

Lippitt Pecos 8-72 TMH

(Pecos x Lippitt Tilly)
1960 stallion
good sire

Jubiloso 8-72 TMH

(Eco Jubilo x Sierra Sonna Vermont)
1969 stallion

Rosemont Gay Eric 8-72 TMH

 (Moro Hill Gay Ethan x Verdonna Vermont)
1969 stallion

Tawncrest Kahlua 8-72 TMH

(Dyberry Robin x Condo's Black Velvet)
1967 stallion

Triton Heritage 8-72 TMH

(Orcland Bold Fox x Miller's Bell-Ann)

Welmore Zorro 8-72 TMH

(Baacamanto x U. C. Pantana)
1962 stallion

Applevale Challenger 8-72 TMH

Monday, August 29, 2016

White River Bimbo 7-72 TMH

Bimbo--(King Pine x Dawn Schuhmacher)
1963 stallion, bred in Neb.
Foxy--(White River Bimbo x Sharon Berlie)

Both these horses were bred in Chadron, Neb., along with many other good Morgans of that time. There was also a good breeder in Hay Springs, Neb. This is in far western Neb. I have a tenuous connection here. My mother's mother came from this area, born in a sod house in the late 1890's. Way back in the late 1960's, we made a visit to see the relatives in both those small towns. Alas, I was not yet into Morgans; what a shame!

UVM Cantor 7-72 TMH

Skiparee Indian Joe 7-72 TMH

(Red Pepper x Lippitt Arrowhead)
1961 gelding

Little Midget 7-72 TMH

Omar Sheriff 7-72 TMH

(Stellar x Wingo)
1966 stallion

Moro Hills Marksman 7-72 TMH

(Dyberry Ethan x Lippitt Royal Margarita)
1961 gelding

Linfield 7-72 TMH

Lady Brigadier Funquest Lady Lee 7-72 TMH

Brigadier--(Broadwall Brigadier x Lady Rockwood)--1962 mare, dam

Lady Lee--(The Brown Falcom x Funquest Lady Jane)--1969 mare, dam

Kennebec Morgans 7-72 TMH

Funquest Morgans 7-72 TMH

Funquest Bendo 7-72 TMH

(Funquest Benmore x Funquest Falita)
1967 stallion

Funquest Agizon 7-72 TMH

(Funquest Falcon x Alfaizz)
1965 stallion

Caven-Glo Revenue 7-72 TMH

(Superson x Caven-Glo Rebel Gold)
1960 stallion

Mr. Breezy Cobra 7-72 TMH

(The Airacobra x Jenny Lake)
1954 stallion
good sire

Mar-Lo's Ben Hur 7-2 TMH

Flashena 7-72 TMH

This good mare had many foals, well into her 20's. Almost all of her produce went on to have at least one foal of their own.
She was foaled in 1950, bred by L. U. Sheep Co., WY

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Upwey Ben Don--Intro

His breeding has been controversial with many preferring to stay away from his descendants while others have eagerly sought his line. Whichever direction a person has chosen, today's multiple posts devoted to this horse should be studied. Read the articles, study the photos, read my comments on the mares he was bred to. Then form your own opinion.

Upwey Ben Don July 1972 The Morgan Horse magazine