Friday, June 30, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Illawana Sambo 1-2/75 TMH

Illawana Sambo--(Illawana Jerry x Nala)
1951 stallion, sire

Jerry--[Captain Red x Gildia]
Red--{Juban, by Jubilee King, x Gizea, by Go Hawk and out of Liza Jane}}
Gildia--{Go Hawk x Benita}

Nala--[Go Hawk x Penala]

This was straight-up, intense old Brunk breeding.
The Illawana Morgans were stout, sturdy, had type & good temperaments. 

Brooklyn Ike--(Woodland Chief x Scarlett O'Hara)
1954 gelding
Lippitt & Old Midwest breeding

A Brunk & Old Midwest Based Program 1-2/75 TMH

Friday, June 23, 2017

Summerset 1-2/75 TMH

sire--Bar Linsley, by Bar Allen and out of Bessie's Colonel
dam--Darnell A, by Linsley's Allen and out of Donna L. (a sire to daughter cross)

Bar Allen--(Linsley's Allen x Dorthea Bar)
Linsley's Allen--(Felix Lee x Violet Linsley)

Donna L--(Linsley's Allan x Donbelle Colonel)

Violet Linsley--(Tehachapi Allen x Viola Linsley, by Linsley)

This 1968 stallion was intensely Linsley bred, but sadly had very few foals.

Waer's Playboy 1-2/75 TMH

(Hedlite's Micky Waer x Lana)
1960 stallion
prolific & popular sire

Breezy's Top Star 1-2/75 TMH

1968 stallion

High Pass Duke 1-2 /75 TMH


Kadenvale Don 1-2/75 TMH

(Upwey Ben Don x Jean B.--[Knickerbocker x Berry's Eunice])
1959 stallion
prolific sire in New York

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Danny Easter Vermont 1-2/75 TMH

(Louie Smith x Starlette B)
Louie--(Easter Vermont x Lou Lotty--[Easter Vermont x Blossom F])
Starlette--(Easter Vermont x Blossom F)
1967 stallion
good sire who was underused

Senator Barr 1-2/75 TMH

(Senator Graham x Ellen Bar)
1963 stallion
sire of many

Greentree Bonniejohn 1-2/75 TMH

Applevale Don Juan 1-2/75 TMH

UVM Enchantor 1-2/75 TMH

Good sire in New York
has descendants today

Ebony's Topaz Mist 1-2/75 TMH

(Benneldo x De Jarnette Ebony Imp)
1968  mare
registered as Light Chestnut, but actually a palomino
Her dam, Imp was by Chief Justin Morgan, and out of Loo, bred by George Cross & Son, WY. She was registered black, but was a smoky black.
Loo, also Cross bred, was by Rams Horn Star and out of Painted Girl, and was registered as a chestnut.
Painted Girl was by Warhawk and out of Black Girl, by Glider, and out of Dimples, a black, by Imperial, and out of Hired Girl, a dark brown, stb part Morgan.
All Cross bred.