Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dapper Dolly 09773

(Dapper Dan x Redonna Vermont--Red Vermont x McDonna)

Way back when I was in High School (late 1960's), I sometimes rode my horse over to the Peters Canyon Stables, a few miles away. It was run at that time by Billy Warne, a noted stock horse trainer. One day, walking through the barn, I was stopped by a lovely head hanging out over the stall door. The name plate on the door said "Dapper Dolly". I had no idea she was a Morgan, just that she was different from all the other horses there. It wasn't until decades later that I found out who she was. She was shown at good sized open shows in stock horse and did well.
Her sire was the popular Northern California stallion, Dapper Dan, of pure Western Working Family. Her dam was pure Brunk and a full sister to the granddam of one of my first Morgans.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bob B 5282

(Bob Morgan x Blk stbb Kirby Boy)

Linallen 12418

(Linsley de Jarnette x Donna Linsley)

Aurora Leigh 010075

(Dygert's King x Little Girl)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suds 10437

Bred by Sid Spencer, Arroyo Grande CA. Foaled 1950. This is from a 1963 TMH.
(Antman x Bubbles)

Devan Fillmore 11567

Johnstown 12058

(Sealect of Windcrest x Valatie)

Windcrest Playboy 12096

(Upwey Ben Don x Liz Taylor)
Liz Taylor was a California bred mare of good old Western Working lines.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Squire Skimp 9631

(Congo x May Burger)
This lovely Brunk stallion had very few progeny. His only line of descent is through a daughter, Hylee's Bit O Ginger, she out of another Brunk mare.

Parade 10138

Sherman L 9536

Leon Silver 10017

(Loren Belle x Mary RM)

Dyberry Buddy 10219

Brown Pepper 9736

Don Quixote Pepper --dam--Golden River Dona
Max Welton Pepper-- dam--Verran's Dixie Anne

Brown Pepper was a popular sire and has descendants today. Both these colts by him did not breed on. Both of their dam's were Lippitt/Old Vermont blood, thus breeding back to the best part of Brown Pepper's pedigree.

Flyhawk & Senator Graham

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Skagit Vashon 9717

Using the Skagit prefix, Louise Bates bred some good Morgans. There are very few descendants of these horses today however, as the taste in the showring changed. Vashon had only 8 registered progeny.

Sunflower King 9733

By the very good sire,d Techachapi Allan, Sunflower King had many good ones himself.

Boulder Gold 10464

No registered progeny.

Haven 8053

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Plains King 7684

This stallion was bred by Elmer Brown, one of the founding fathers of the Western Working Family. The dam was by Linsley, that excellent sire who sired so many very good breeding mares. Romanesque, was a sire of note who crossed very well with the Linsley daughters. Plains King went from his birthplace, Kansas, to Michigan, where he sired many good ones, despite some people thinking him coarse. Others appreciated his strength and depth.

Illawana Jerry 10128

This prefix had many good Morgans for many years. All were based on old Brunk stock.

Justin Jubilee 10160

He had only 5 registered progeny, none of whom come down to today.

Lippitt Moro Ash 8084

The dam is Lippitt Sally Ash.
He had many progeny, many of whom come down to today.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shapleigh Sheik 9170

One that got away--sad for the breed. He was not a roan, but a gray, the color coming from his dam. She was sired by Troubadour of Willowmoor. Her dam, Rachel, was by Ethan Allen 4696 and out of Nelly, x-04397. Nelly was by Tommy, son of Scioto 5377 and a mare by DeLong's Ethan Allen 1550. Nelly was said to by out of a Morgan mare. This was some different old blood that has, other then Troubadour of Willowmoor, been lost to today.

Bonfire 9512

In body shape and outline, he looks much like his sire. Bred by the L U Sheep Co of Wyoming, he went on to be a successful sire.

Justinian 8172

Other then the sire line to Tiffany (Gov't Farm), this pedigree is pure Brunk and he was bred by the Brunk family. He had only three progeny and only his son Elchem comes to today, but in a minor way.

Col. Kennedy 9559

The sire of this horse was of pure Old Midwest family. His dam is Brunk. He had only 3 progeny, none of whom bred on.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lippitt Scott Moro 10289

This beautiful and correct Morgan, sadly was unable to have any progeny. His dam was one of the most lovely of the mares to come from Knight's program.

Manito 10156

Charlie O 10774

Dorben 10023

Had only one registered progeny.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congo 8354

(Tarron x Black Dee)

He is one of my all time favorite historical Morgans. He has one of the best rear ends in the breed. He is a lovely example of Brunk breeding at its very best.

Dennis K 9561

Lippitt Mandate 8331

(Mansfield x Lippitt Kate Moro)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Haven 8053

(Delmont x Topaz)

King Captor 9551

(Captor x Tippy Tin)

Quizkid 9421

(Ulysses x Glady)
Most of his pedigree is Old Vermont

Upwey Ben Don 8843

sire--Upwey King Benn, by Upwey King Peavine ASB

Orcland Leader 9038

(Ulendon x Vigilda Burkland)
This is one of the very few photos that shows his long & swoopy back, which he did pass on to some of his progeny.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jubilee's Courage 8983

Another photo that did not flatter the horse. His breeder and lifetime owner, Mrs Bryant, used this ad for the March 1953 Stallion Issue.
His sire was Jubilee King and his dam was Townshend Lass.

Lippitt Selassie 8329 & Lippitt Billy Ash 7724

These are two photos from Robert Lippitt Knight's notorious group of 1952 photos. Very few of this group did a good job of truly depicting his herd. The horses looked better then this. I guess he was happy with it however as he used these photos for an ad in the March 1953 Stallion Issue of TMH.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dyberry Buddy

(Lippitt George x Lippitt Miss Nekomia)