Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ashley DeBoyd TMH 12-70

(Edward Ash x Tarrla)
Good sire in the south.

Applevale Boy King TMH 12-70

(Kinston x Ledgewood Pecora)
Noted sire.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bald Mt. Ira Hawk TMH 12-70

(Easter Twilight x Dottie Irene)
successful show horse & sire

Trophy's Award TMH 12-70

(Trophy x Ruthven's Betty Ann)
foaled 1957
noted show horse & sire

Weathervane Serenity TMH 12-70

(Durango x Dahabeah)

Val's Shalenah TMH 12-70

(Chasley Superman x Triwana)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Breezilee TMH 12-70

(Mr. Breezy Cobra x Rachel Lee)

Orcland Linda TMH 12-70

(Ulendon x Townshend Lady Sensation)  foaled 1954

Acadia's Candida TMH 12-70

(Kingston x Orcland Linda)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Big John TMH 12-70

(Warhawk x Annie De Jarnette)
Noted Midwest sire
shown under the name Emerald's Big John

Emerald's King John TMH 12-70

(Big John x Bonnie Mae)
sire in the Midwest

Top-T Cavalier TMH 12-70

(Waseeka's Top Talent x Pinecrest Lee)
sire in the Midwest

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Irish Joy TMH 12-70

(Casey Tibbs x Belafina)
shown here as a yearling

Casenna TMH 12-70

(Casey Tibbs x Senabar)
shown here as a yearling

Precious Charade TMH 12-70

(Irish Lee x Precious Stone)
shown here as 2 yr old

Friday, January 24, 2014

Beamington TMH 12-70

(Mr. Breezy Cobra x Ellen Bar)--
Mr. Breezy Cobra (The Airacobra x Jenney Lake) bred by Albert Kaegel, Missouri
The Airacobra (Flyhawk x Sentola) bred by Helen Greenwalt, Ill.
Jenny Lake (Senator Graham x Monty) Bred by L U Sheep Co WY

Ellen Bar (Barberry x Elberty Linsley) bred by Chilocco Indian Ag. School, OK
Barberry (Night Tide x Betty Barr) Helen Greenwalt, IL
Elberty Linsley (Linsley x Dolly D.) bred by Elmer Brown, Kansas

Bred by Helen Greenwalt, his pedigree is mostly Brunk with some Western Working Family
A popular sire, he had a lot of get.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hali Ember TMH 12-70

(Manito x Lantz'Flicka)

King's Lula May TMH 12-70

(Larruby King Royale x Prince's Lula)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Freya's Golden Girl TMH 12-70

(Prince Roosevelt x Caven-Glo's Freya)

Sue C TMH 12-70

(Star Jekyll x Joyce Colonel)

Aldedon TMH 12-70

(Aldebaron x Sunette)
sired a few

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Donwell TMH 12-70

Grade Morgan by Donald
from article--
In 1923, two Morgans started and two finished. Major S., a gelded son from Castor's short career at stud, was 5th.
In 1924, Major S again started and again finished 5th. The grade Morgan gelding Donwell, was a high second.

Gladstone TMH 12-70

(General Gates x Minnehaha by Troubadour)
From article--
In 1922, the U. S. Morgan Horse Farm again raided the Secretary of Agriculture's Washington stable for its entry in the Test. Gladstone arrived in Middlebury just in time for the haying season, most of which he raked, and to fill in on the carriage team for the depot trips. He was barely saddle broke when he began the final few weeks of conditioning, for a ride that would require him to carry well over 200 pounds three hundred miles. When the ride was over, he had placed second, with a condition score exactly equal to that of the winner, who had made it by a minute three time points. Gladstone's card read "no remarks. Sound as when started."

Monday, January 20, 2014

Castor TMH 12-70

(General Gates x Babe by Bob  Morgan)
foaled 1909, bred by U. S. Dept. of Ag. Morgan Horse Farm, VT
from the article w/the photo--
"Little, 800 lb Castor was the first Morgan to gain attention, on that first ride back in 1919. Then eleven years old, and handicapped by a badly saddleweary rider, Castor fell hard just short of the finish line, deeply lacerating one kneww. Despite the handicap of finishing lame, he placed a strong 6th, with the second best time record. [the ride was 300 miles, with each horse carrying 225 pounds, going an average of 60 miles per day for 5 days] ...Castor spend the winter with a pairmate drawing the Sec. of Ag.'s carriage about Washington DC. In the spring, somewhat underweight & overtrained, he went 7th on that year's ride. He spent a winter as the Forestor's mount in Middlebury and was still thin for the 1921 ride. He had a 5 day rail trip to the ride in New Jersey and placed 4th.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Syndicate's Spanker TMH 12-70

 (Lippitt Ethan Ashbrook x Syndicates Anastasia)

From inside the magazine--
"Our Cover
This month we are pleased to feature Syndicate's Spanker 13930 as our cover Morgan. He is owned by the Geo. W. Crouse, 3rd family of Tunbridge, Vermont. Spanker is a typical versatile family Morgan. He was on the Green Mountain 100 Mile Ride, has been jumped in a Goerge Morris Horsemanship clinic, has taken the 4-H kids on overnight trips, been in the Memorial Day parade, and a ribbon winner in the Par Morgans 15 Hands and Over. He was also Grand Champion Stallion (all breeds) at the Tunbridge, Vt. Fair. Above all, he is noted for his excellent Morgan disposition."

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chesty TMH 10-62

(Congo x Judith)
well known cutting horse gelding

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lippitt Tweedle Dee TMH 10-62

(Lippitt Moro Alert x Miss Tweedie)
sired a few

Merry Warlock TMH 10-62

went on to sire a bunch in Oregon

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Osogay TMH 10-62

(Townshend Gaymeade x Moneta)
show mare & producer

Bar-T Bermuda TMH 10-62

(Orcland Leader x Corene)
show mare & producer

Carolina TMH 10-62

(Lippitt Mandate x Katie Twilight)
noted producer

Monday, January 13, 2014

Trophy's Crystal TMH 10-62

(Trophy x Ruthven's Betty Ann)
had one foal who bred on

Hawk's Junita TMH 10-62

(Hawk-Prince x Jubilee June)
had 2 foals

Friday, January 10, 2014

Arizona Morgans

All of today's posts are historic Arizona Morgans. Rarely, were there photos of the early AZ Morgans.

Rex Allen TMH 10-62

(Agazizz x Donbelle Allen)
1951, bred by University of Nebraska.
He had very few registered foals, but some of those did come down to today, including the gelding SSM Spirit Seeker whom I bred & still have, now coming age 18 years.

Combo of Sundown TMH 10-62

(Sun Red x Flame of Sundown)  1959 gelding, bred in Sanger CA.
in my Registry Volume I have the note "3 close crosses to Gold Dollar", the noted sire owned by W. T. Carter of Sanger CA

Alazana Duquese TMH 10-62

(Silver's Dick x Luana) 1949, bred in AZ. had 2 produce, one bred on.

Lori-Lu TMH 10-62

(Muscle Man x Lorinda Lady)  1960 mare, bred in Calif. no produce.

Group Photo TMH 10-62

Left to Right--
Sandy Ute  (Colonel Battell x Sassy Sue) 1958 mare, bred in WA. Producer
Lissie  (Pamo x Lizzie Mitchell) 1960 filly, bred in UT. Producer
Poplar Dinah (Jack Sprat x Josephine Romanesque) 1946 mare bred in CO. Noted producer.
Fancy Diane (Red Mesa x Poplar Dinah) 1962 filly, bred in UT. Noted producer.
Queen's Surprise (Chief Wabaunsee x Sioux Queen) 1952 mare bred in NB.  No produce.

Unnamed Filly TMH 10-62

(Rex Linsley x Sundo)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rocky Bon TMH 10-62

(Bonfire x Pikaki)
noted sire

Eco Jubilo TMH 10-62

(Eco Lujo x Belle of Vermont)
shown here winning the 2 yr. old colt class at a Nor. Calif. show
went on to be a noted sire.

Jodie Collins TMH 10-62

(Muscle Man x Margaret Collins)
shown here winning the yearling filly class at a Nor. Cal. show
went on to be a good producer

Queen America TMH 10-62

(California King x Bea Nickerson)
went on to be a good producer
shown here winning the weanling filly class at a Nor. Calif. show.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scarlet Ribbons TMH 10-62

(Arizona x Kitty Field)