Friday, May 26, 2017

Ledgewood Pecora 10/65 TMH

Orcland Bolenda 10/65 TMH

(Ulendon x Westfall Bold Beauty)
1962 mare
had produce

Orcland Donanna 10/65 TMH

(Ulendon x Anna Darling)
1959 mare
had produce

Spring Glo 10/65 TMH

(Mor-Ayr Supreme x Lilli Glo)
1959 gelding

Meadowood Gay Major 10/65 TMH

1962 stallion
sired a few

Orcland Dondarling 10/65 TMH

(Ulendon x Anna Darling)
1958 stallion
sire of multitudes

Townshend Vigilissa 10/65 TMH

(Orcland Vigildon x Bay State Wardissa)
1960 mare
had progeny

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Broadwall Trumpter 10/65 TMH

(Parade x Debutansque)
1958 gelding

Ledgewood Pecora 10/65 TMH

Versatility Class 1965 National Show 10/65 TMH

Back in 1979, when we got into Morgans, this class was still to be seen at the Southern California shows. I remember up to 10 entries in some of the classes. 
But as far as I know, this class no longer exists as the show world has now become so specialized. 
We still have Morgans who can do this, but no place to do it. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Catskill Senator Lad 3/75 TMH

Funquest Stoneman 3/75 TMH

Chief Redhawk 3/75 TMH

(Flyhawk x Neliza)
1955 stallion
noted sire

Blackman Allen 3/75 TMH

Royal Fleetson 3/75 TMH

(Fleetwing x Royal Rose)
1967 stallion
noted sire

Saddleback Supreme 3/75 TMH

(Mad River Sailor x Trophy's Emerald)
1970 stallion
noted sire

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pineland Cherokee 3/75 TMH

(Pineland Smoky Joe x Pineland Jolly Julia)--these were 1/2 sibblings

1966 stallion
sired some

Rosemont Gay Eric 3/75 TMH

(Moro Hill Gay Ethan x Verdonna Vermont)
sired some

Diamond Gem Ashmore 3/75 TMH

(Adrian Ashmore x Gypsy Jubilee)
1967 stallion
had a few foals

Oak Acre's Carmine 3/75 TMH

(Yellow Gold x Dakota Lassie)
1967 mare
had foals

Oak Acre's Charm 3/75 TMH

(Yellow Gold x Dakota Lassie)
1964 mare
had foals

Cindy's Duke 3/75 TMH

Friday, May 19, 2017

Birchstone Briggin "L" 3/75 TMH

(Sherman "L" x Miller's Glory "P")
1959 stallion

Lady Sungold 3/75 TMH

Kennebec Cornwallis 3/75 TMH

Green Mt. Doc Bird 3/75 TMH

(Orcland Vigildon x Green Mt. Darling)
1966 stallion
notable sire

Birdie De Jarnette 3/75 TMH

(Warhawk x June de Jarnette)
June--(Glendale, by Pongee Morgan & out of Penala, x Susette), 1941 mare
1963 mare
bred by Ernest McElhinney, Morning Sun, Iowa

Ozark Joy 3/75 TMH

(Fire Cloud x Quanta)
1971 mare

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fonda K. R. & Sam L. Carter 4/75 TMH

Fonda--(Kings River Morgan x Royce's Falcon)

Sam--(Lippitt Gregory x Fonda KR)

Stillwater Indigo 4/75 TMH

Stillwater Indigo--(Moro Hill Adonis x Natick Moro Independence)

Kennebec 4/75 TMH

K Lucille--(Little Hawk x Kennebec Ethel)

K. Good News--(Kennebec Ethan x Sunday News)

High Pastures 4/75 TMH

HP Rex Moro--(Trilbrook Joel x Lippitt Red Mint)

HP Saga--(Trilbrook Joel x Royalton Hepsibeth)

Funquest Lucky King 4/75 TMH

Funquest Anny Black 4/75 TMH

Dobson 4/75 TMH

(Oakwood's Dob x Tika Tu Pepper)
1969 stallion
sired a bunch

Monday, May 15, 2017

Funquest Stallions 9/65 TMH

Belle Heather 9/65 TMH

(Red Vermont x Heather Angel Field)
1955 mare
had many foals