Monday, November 13, 2017

Devan Morgans 11/98 TMH

Note that for some reason this article never mentions Hawk Jim, a stallion that Evans added into his program. Hawk Jim was a 1929 stallion, bred by Elmer Brown of Kansas. Brown's breeding was a foundation stone of the Western Working Family. Hawk Jim's sire Linsley was bred by the US Government Farm in Vermont and brings in a direct and rare line to General Gates that is not through Bennington. General Gates was the sire of Linsley, who was foaled in 1918. Linsley's dam was Sunflower Maid, a 1910 mare bred in Kansas, who found her way to the Government Farm in Vermont. Her sire was the great Headlight Morgan, of pure Old Vermont blood. Her dam was Fanny P., a registered mare by Julian Morgan. Fanny P. 's dam was by Flying Morrill. Thus, Fanny P, brought in the uncommon Morrill lines through both sides of her pedigree
Hawk Jim's dam was the 1917 Elmer Brown bred mare, Lady Spar. She was sired by Sparhawk, of the Old Midwest lines, and out of May Hudson, a registered mare bred by Elmer Brown. May Hudson's sire was Dude Hudson, also of the Old Midwest family, and her dam was Hazel S., by Headlight Morgan. 
Hawk Jim was a well bred Morgan bringing some different lines to Evans inbred program. His get that bred on were: Great Hawk, 1945; Hawk-Prince, 1945; Star Hawk, 1944; Glenhawk, 1944; Hollyhawk, 1945; Lady Hawk, 1944; Tippy Dee, 1944; Devan Hawk, 1949; Hawkshaw, 1947; Silverhawk, 1946; Wilmont Prince, 1946; Capricious, 1947; Devan Dot, 1949; Devan Pam, 1949; Dimhawk, 1946; Fancy Free, 1947; Locket, 1946; Pepper Pot, 1947; Star Shine, 1947.
Many of these stayed in the Devan program, and some were sold to others.